Sebastian Jimenez

Google takes "Search my device" to the next level, adding interior positioning

Google has made some adjustments to its Find My Device application that will be presented as good news for those who lose or lose their phone. A new update of the application provides support for indoor maps, which means that if you drop your phone, say, a shopping center that is compatible (which is a key point, more about that in a second), you can not only See that. Your phone is still in the mall, but it's actually inside the mall.

Like a piece of Ars Technica the notes, the interior mapping is in many ways the next great cartographic frontier now that Google Maps has most of the outside world covered and mapped in an integral way.

From that piece: For the interior mapping, someone has to upload a floor plan to Google Maps and then configure some type of interior positioning system. Google maps for exteriors can be fed with satellite images and photos of Street View cars, but there is no such shortcut for interior maps, which require each individual building owner to enter data. Today, find interior maps mainly for places like airports, shopping centers, stadiums and other large companies. If you lose your device in one of these places and the interior positioning system really works, you can now get a precise location in Search for my device. "

Here is an example of the interior mapping of Madison Square Garden from Google:

Image source: Google

The disadvantage of this news is that Google does not clarify exactly to which buildings this new interior mapping applies, so you will have to be lucky. A writer for The edge The GPS signal can also be a bit crazy, so the application may not show your phone exactly Where is it in the building? Something like my phone's GPS often shows me standing in a place other than where I am when I am trying to call an Uber, or that I am moving when I am not.

You can use the Find my device application on Android, available here, or through the web at You can also ask Google "Where is my phone?" Through Google Search or using a Google Home device. And, of course, there are other related features in addition to the ability to locate a lost phone. You can also delete it remotely or make it sound to help you find it easier.

Image source: Google