Google removes up to 600 applications with malware in Play Store

Google removes up to 600 applications with malware in Play Store

2019 being the year of malware according to the latest report of the well-known McAfee antivirus

Android has many things better than iOS, but because of the quality of its apps and its app store, it's not one of them, especially for news like the one we tell you next.

The fact that Google is much less permissive with app developers – something you have to learn from Apple – has its consequences. It is not the first time that we have to talk about malware, adware or “dangerous” apps within the Play Store and surely not be the last. Because this time the Mountain View company just removed up to 600 apps from your store for intrusive advertising, some of them from a famous developer that surely doesn't surprise you.

600 new apps removed from Play Store because of advertising

Android Malware

As we can read in Google's own blog, the company has withdrawn up to a total of 600 applications for including intrusive advertising and ultimately, for breaching the privacy policies.

Although Google does not give much more information, BuzzFeed News has been able to know more about the subject. Apparently many of these apps were owned by Cheetah Mobile, you know, ** that company so controversial ** that it has always been on everyone's lips for very little ethical practices.

In short, all these apps removed had been installed more than 4.5 billion times and although unfortunately the concrete list could not be known, many of them utility applications and games of Chinese origin.

As we always say, we recommend acting with your head in this type of situation. Not only install the apps from trusted sites, but distrust all those applications that do not come from proven developers. Of course, we also recommend wasting some time reading comments and especially, check the permissions requested. Or does a flashlight application need our contacts to work?