Google wants more massively multiplayer online games

Google is associated with Improbable Games, an MMO gaming platform

Google invests in a company specialized in a system for massively multiplayer online games. Improbable Games allies with Google and could be a new Niantic.

If there is a technology company that seeks to be in all the scrubs, that is, without a doubt, Google. It does not fail: wherever you can contribute to the cloud and / or artificial intelligence, or there are companies that specialize in these fields, wherever you go. It is what has happened to Improbable Games: Thanks to its development system to create worlds suitable for massively multiplayer online games (MMO), the company reaches an agreement with Google to use the latter's cloud platform.

Those who develop with SpatialOS will benefit from Google Cloud Platform

Google wants more massively multiplayer online games

Improbable Games is a company based in London that has a platform for creating MMOs in a more or less simple way. SpatialOS, which is what the system is called, allows us to pave the developers' ground while offering powerful tools to keep all players online. The effort of the servers in this type of games is brutal, so having Google contributing its infrastructure is appreciated.

The agreement between Improbable Games and Google It is online to facilitate the connection of the worlds created for online multiplayer games as well as for the creation of applications in virtual reality, augmented reality and all kinds of developments related to processing and connection with cloud services. Google will facilitate access to SpatialOS allowing the creation and maintenance of worlds.

All developers who wish to create their games and applications with Improbable Games software can do so by accessing the alpha version of SpatialOS. The final version will not be released until the beginning of 2017. This alpha version is open to anyone, just like a program in collaboration with Google: SpatialOS Games Innovation Program. Thanks to him, developers will have incentives to launch their commercial games using the platform; which includes cloud computing services.

Cloud Computing costs are reduced and even eliminated

Depending on the games created and maintained by the platform, developers will receive credits from Improbable Games that will reduce the costs of Google Cloud Computing. These costs may even be eliminated if the games achieve sufficient success as they are released commercially.

There are already development companies using SpatialOS with launch plans for upcoming MMO games. Without having transcended, Google could take advantage of the experience in its own developments. Even the distribution of games and applications would be feasible, as was the case with Niantic and Ingress.

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