Google Chrome celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new design

Google Chrome celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new design

It may seem that he has been with us for a lifetime, but Google Chrome is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary. To celebrate, Google has decided to give a face lift to what is today the most popular web browser in the world. This change comes with version 69, which arrives loaded with improvements.

Google Chrome celebrates 10 years with more Material than ever

We knew that Google was working on a visually cleaner version of Chrome, but we still would not be clear when it would end up arriving. In Google they wanted to take advantage of the tenth anniversary of Chrome to give your browser a cleaner and modern touch.

We highlight the change of design, which leaves aside Material Design to make the leap to Google Material, new design of Google, which is present in Android 9 Pie and more and more applications, such as telephone, contacts or Google Maps. Now it's Chrome's turn, and it doesn't feel bad at all. In addition to this, there are other improvements of interest.

  • The Omnibox is now smarter. If we write an address that is in another browser tab, it will alert us to go to that tab instead of opening a new one.
  • In our profile we will have faster access to our saved passwords, as well as payment methods.
  • The customization of the home screen improves, we can upload wallpaper or choose one of the predefined ones by Google.

Not everything is appearance, but Google has also focused on further improving performance, or security. Google claims to have launched an ad blocker in 2018, its emphasis on HTTPS security or virtual reality and augmented reality experiences in Chrome.

All these changes come with Google Chrome version 69, which does not appear on Google Play yet, but that is expected to reach all users during this week. The update will reach Android users, but if you have Chrome on iOS or PC you should also receive the new design during these days.