Google advises against installing your apps on Huawei phones without a license

Google advises against installing your apps on Huawei phones without a license

Last Friday Google published in one of its multiple support pages a message to potential users of Huawei devices, explaining the implications of inclusion in the Entity List by the US government last May.

The statement, signed by Tristan Ostrowski, the legal director of Android and Google Play, mentions the main date after the chronology of events that keep Huawei between a rock and a hard place: May 16, 2019. All devices that did not exist been approved until that date have no access to Google services and applications.

"To protect the privacy and security of user data, and to safeguard the overall experience, Google Play Store, Google Play Protect and Google’s main applications (including Gmail, YouTube and Maps, among others) are only available on devices with Play Protect certification. "

Google Play Protect as an argument

Google insists that Google Play Protect, which scans the available applications in search of malicious uses of all kinds.

"The new models of Huawei devices made available to the public after May 16, 2019 have not been able to go through this security process nor will they have Play Protect preinstalled. As a result, they are considered" uncertified "and will not be able to use the applications and Google services. "

This case applies to the Mate 30 Pro, the most recent Huawei Mate Xs that will be launched soon in Spain, at least, and even most likely the coming Huawei P40. For all of them, in addition to those who are considering importing devices from China and install on your own Google services and applications, the giant advises against it completely:

"Google applications will not work reliably because we do not allow these services to run on uncertified devices where security may be compromised. Using Google applications as secondary applications also carries a high risk of installing an application that has been altered or manipulated so that it can compromise user safety. "

This is something that happens, without going any further, to Google Pay on the Mate 30 Pro, on which our final considerations after trying it several weeks were very similar to those provided by Google now.

Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturers are already articulating their own joint application store, in which join forces to prevent the escalation of this type of action by the US government.

How to know if my device is certified

To know if your Android device has Google certification you can access your own Google Play settings which is not preinstalled on devices that lack it, so it can give you clues. In these settings, a menu will appear, at the end of the whole, under the title "Play Protect Certification", which will tell us whether or not it is certified. You can find more information on the Android website itself.

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