Galaxy Watch TOUS caja

Galaxy Watch Active by TOUS analysis

Galaxy Watch TOUS box

Today we talk to you about a very special gadget for the female audience. We have been fortunate to be able to try for a few days the smartwatch with which the acclaimed jewelry firm TOUS and Samsung come together to create a unique product in a limited version. A device in which the word wearable acquires its meaning completely.

The Galaxy Watch Active dresses up with TOUS creating a glamorous version of one of the most complete smartwatch on the market. And it becomes even more special knowing that we talk about a limited edition whose units "fly" before even reaching physical stores. In fact, after two weeks of its launch, They are currently out of stock.

The TOUS by Samsung smartwatch

Talking about Samsung, and its latest smartwatches is talking about quality. When the Korean manufacturer opts for a device it shows, and with the latest version of the Galaxy Watch Active this jumps into view. We are facing a complete smartwatch and with a performance at the height of the best in the market undoubtedly.

Since Samsung intended face the Apple Watch once and for all, and it is clear that with the new models they are on the way to achieve it. In this model, again hand in hand with the famous jewelry and accessories firm TOUS, Samsung gets handsome to reach a sector of the public with a lot of potential.

Galaxy Watch TOUS water hole

Every time we talk about wearables we think of activity bracelets, or of course not smartwatches And maybe in some other less common gadget that has not finished curdling in the market. But almost always A concept of sports style device comes to mind. And even with a certain orientation to the male audience.

Samsung, with this his second collaboration with TOUS, makes a clear nod to the female audience. With an alliance that unites the most sophisticated design with the latest technology brings smartwatches to a less prolific market in gadgets or wearables.

Box contents

It is the moment of unboxing this special model of the Galaxy Active Watch. The box itself is already exclusive and we found on the front, in large gold letters, the TOUS logo. Inside, we find the smartwatch, which in our case is about the model with 40mm gold dial.

In addition to the watch, which comes with a bracelet decorated with the classic TOUS bears, we find another bracelet with the same design but in black color. We have the cmagnet archer with black wire And finally, one brief quick guide to instructions and documentation relating to the guarantee.

100% TOUS design for your wrist

Galaxy Watch TOUS on the wrist

If you are tired or tired of looking for an electronic device with true personality and an exclusive and glamorous design, the TOUS by Samsung is made for you. As we have said, they are practically nonexistent options in the market that combine a powerful device with high performance, with the subtlety of a markedly feminine design.

This limited edition of the Galaxy Watch Active has the watch body made of alloy of metallic materials with an exquisite glossy gold finishand. And to complete the TOUS customization, in addition to having a series of exclusive spheres, we found a pink silicone strap decorated with the enigmatic bear brand.

Galaxy Watch TOUS Straps

The straps have the classic "skewer" to be replaced easily. We will can use the two straps that we have in the box. OR any other strap in the Galaxy Watch Active family. The TOUS belt buckle has the same golden color of the dial So the combination is perfect.