Facebook pay for your voice

Facebook pay for your voice

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Terrifying If you have Facebook and using it in our day should be something that worries us, not in vain its creator does not really care about the privacy of its users, facts like the one we are going to tell you below should simply be prohibited.

If you are one of those who think that you have a good voice tennis and that you could make a living thanks to it, you can become singers, radio broadcasters, present a podcast as Connecting or simply sell your voice to Facebook. Because S, the social network intends to pay money for the voice of its users.

Facebook pay for your voice … even if you don't think you'll get rich

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Everything has an explanation and we can read in The Verge, Facebook aims to pay some of its users for their voice recordings. The reason? According to the company to improve its voice recognition technology.

Despite all the money that the social network will have in its coffers, do not expect to get rich selling your voice to Facebook. Completing a set of recordings will get about 200 points and the case is that until we reach 1,000, we can not charge any amount. And here comes the good, those 1,000 points translate into the incredible amount of 5 dollars through PayPal.

Despite hanging all your photos for years on Facebook and more abundantly, to sell your voice to this company, some of you have doubts about privacy and what they will do with these recordings, Facebook calls for calm and states that none of these will be linked to any Facebook profile and that of course they will not be used for other purposes than to improve your voice recognition technology.

And yes, in addition to paying little, this program is only available for US users over 18 years old and that they have more than 75 friends in the social network – in order to avoid bots and false accounts. We should have more news in the coming weeks, so we will be attentive.