everything you need to know about Apple laptops

everything you need to know about Apple laptops

With the 16-inch MacBook Pro receiving very favorable critics, the ARM processors manufactured by Apple on the horizon and even a seemingly in-process double-screen MacBook, are interesting times for fans of Apple laptops. And with the new decade in diapers, there's a lot to see this year, but what exactly should you expect from the MacBook Pro 2020?

Price and release date

Tim Cook, director of Apple, at the presentation of a MacBook

At this time, the exact release dates are speculation, but there are many indications of previous years that we can use to know with certainty when the MacBook Pro 2020 will be released.

Normally, Apple releases larger MacBook Pro updates at June or October events or minor updates through a press release in May or July. While there is no way to guarantee that it will be the same in 2020, s suggests that the earliest a new MacBook Pro will arrive in 2020 will be around May.

We have another clue: according to a MacRumors filtering, Apple has registered a new MacBook Pro model. Registered at the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), the document refers to a device with the model number A2289, manufactured by the “brand of Apple portable personal computers ”and running the“ MacOS 10.15 software version ”. That is the current software, also known as Catalina.

The fact that the report has been submitted to the Eurasian Economic Commission gives credibility to the idea that the launch date is approaching sooner rather than later. Similar records revealed the existence of new iPad in July 2019 and were released less than two months later in September 2019; It's the same story that happened with the MacBook Air and the Pro: they were leaked in June 2019 and updated in July.

This will suggest an earlier release date than usual, but then it is possible that it is an unusual MacBook Pro: a 13-inch variant of the MacBook Pro 16.

And what about the price? Well, this is even harder to predict than the release date, without firm data coming from any source. However, once again we can use some lateral thinking to make a decent assumption of what the MacBook Pro 2020 might cost.

The main clue comes from the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which maintains exactly the same price as the MacBook Pro 15, despite offering a new design and features. So, if a reduced MacBook Pro 16 is just around the corner, we expect you to follow the example of your older sister and keep her current starting price of $ 1,299 dollars, with several changes in size and specifications.

The MacBook Pro 16, but smaller

hand typing on the keyboard of a portable MacBook Pro 16

When Apple launched the 16-inch MacBook Pro in December 2019, I chose to bring its new features to this model only. This meant that the smaller MacBook Pro 13 remained the same: same thick bezels, same butterfly keyboard, all the same.

This always seemed like a temporary situation, especially when the positive critics began to arrive on the improved keyboard, the best thermal architecture and the most modern look. We find it hard to believe that Apple wants to restrict these features only to the 16-inch model; A renewed MacBook Pro 13 is surely on its way.

Returning to the archives of the EEC, there are clues that indicate that the filtered device is part of the same family as the MacBook Pro, with the model number A2289 as the main one. The MacBook Pro 16 has a model number A2141, and is the first MacBook Pro that uses a model number that starts with "A2" (previously, all recent MacBook Pros started with "A1"). Although several iPads also use model numbers starting with A2, the emphasis on “laptop brand” in the EEC classification implies that this device is a relative of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

We think that it is very unlikely that this is a touch-up for the MacBook Pro 16, since it does not seem to make sense to update it as soon after its launch. The 13-inch MacBook Pro, however, has not been touched since July 2019, so it is much more likely that the EEC classification refers to it.

This means that we can expect a specification sheet similar to that of the MacBook Pro 16: a Magic Keyboard with an improved tour; thinner screen bezels; the Touch Bar with a physical Esc key and a touch identification button; and a new cooling system to extract more performance from internal components.

An ARM processor seems possible

Image of the desktop of an Apple computer

Rumors that Apple changing its processors from Intel to ARM have been on the air for a long time, but it seems that 2020 may be the year when this finally comes true. A number of factors, including the excellent performance of Apple's ARM-based iOS chips, numerous and frustrating delays in Intel processors for the Mac, Apple's latest software projects and reports from reliable sources suggest that ARM processors They will arrive at the MacBook Pro sooner rather than later.

For example, both Bloomberg and Axios have reported that Apple is underway with the change, whose code name is Kalamata. At this time, Apple depends on Intel providing the processors that power its MacBooks; numerous times in recent years, Intel has been delayed in its delivery, which means that the MacBook has gone on the market without the latest and better chips inside. With the frustration that this entails, on the one hand, and the excellent performance of Apple's own mobile processors, on the other, it seems that Apple has run out of patience.