Email by Edison is an email client to consider


Having an email client that is functional and offers everything we need is not so easy to find. One of the best is currently Email by Edison and is characterized by being a customer of elegant, safe and fast mail.

And if we have that last year was updated by adding the option to block email addresses as we received your email, it is placed as a very interesting app to be updated with constant news. We will know the ins and outs of this free mail client.

Manage your email with different providers

If there is something important when choosing an email client, such as Email by Edison, it is to have the email accounts of the most important providers. Here we have Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Mail, Hotmail Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, Alto, iCloud and more.

If we are already looking for another option, it is that have a smart mail tray that allows differentiating emails for the most important issues such as purchases, trips or subscriptions. That is, you can go to these folders to quickly find a type of email.

An indispensable mail client for professional accounts so that it does not make excessive energy consumption and we can configure it accordingly For our needs.

A free mail client called Email by Edison

But it is more important that we enjoy all these features without having to checkout; although we will always recommend from these lines to offer support to high quality apps such as Nine himself.


We can keep this series of features for Email by Edison:

  • Opening speed of incoming emails
  • “Smart” assistant: View the most important information on the content of the emails so you can quickly see about attachments, favorites, receipts or entertainment
  • Manage all subscriptions that you have in order to unsubscribe from spam emails
  • Real-time travel notifications: Email will be in charge of notifying you about travel and changes as well as hotels and much more.
  • Package tracking with notifications: We have our own folder to be able to view the status of the packages at all times.
  • Customize notifications with sounds and vibration

We also have to talk about this other series of features related to using our watch with Android Wear or how well it integrates with Android notifications:

  • Integral search in the mail: full search engine with keywords in an application and even for those accounts with hundreds of emails
  • Reverse actions: You can take back actions done such as deletions of mails or shipments of the own.
  • Respond with voice from Android Wear and receive notifications on the same clock.


So it becomes a very complete email client and that also bets on security by avoiding the sending of acknowledgments and what would be the encrypted local storage of everything related to mail. I mean, that does not use the cloud for synchronization and this is something in which you have to pay attention to privacy.

A mail client with good design

Not that in design be the best mail client, as it happens with Spark, but it does give the size to keep up to date with what is expected of such a solution for the management of the inbox.

What really attracts attention for some users is how well it gets along with the update with the server being very fast and the change is instant when an email is deleted or read.