Download the GCAM on the Galaxy Note 10 with portrait mode for selfies

Download the GCAM on the Galaxy Note 10 with portrait mode for selfies

In this article we have to to thank Zoran for making a GCAM available to everyone Fully functional for the Galaxy Note 10 Exynos model and even with the front camera. All a feat and that from here we appreciate.

And is that while the Galaxy S9 and S10 have not been able to do using the Portrait mode of the front camera of the Google Camera or GCAM, in the Note 10 we have all that exclusivity to have professional finishes for all the selfies we do. We are going to show you, as in the video, how to download it from Zoran's own Telegram group, and that by the way, from the only one that can be legally downloaded, and how to correct the front with 4 steps for that Portrait Mode to selfies

How to download Zoran GCAM for your Galaxy Note 10

ZGCAM Portrait Mode

Zoran allows free download from your group on Telegram of the latest fully functional versions of the GCAM. That is, if you want to have the latest version you have to enter the group and download the latest version as well as the configuration files to forget about touching all the parameters to have the best photos and that the front camera works without green color in the Portrait mode

  • The first: We entered Zoran's group on Telegram from this link:
  • From the group you can type: #latest for the latest available version of the Zoran GCAM
  • Download the APK


  • Now let's download the configuration file that we will use to leave the GCAM ready. There are a number of them depending on the terminal (you can use this tutorial for other Galaxy such as the S9, S10 and more, although these do not have the functional front camera)
  • We type: # sam10config-dax3
  • We give on the icon of 3 points and we choose to download the file on the phone


We have configuration file ready and that is what allows us to have the front camera functional in camera mode. You can download others as much and try if you want.

Now we install the downloaded GCAM APK and we get the configuration file.

How to activate the DAX3 configuration file

  • The first thing is use file explorer that you have as Samsung's own.
  • In the root folder we create the GCAM folder
  • We enter GCAM and we create the CONFIGS folder

Settings folder

  • We enter that folder and we paste the previously downloaded xml file, like the rest we have downloaded.
  • Now we open the GCAM and just below the shutter button press twice.
  • I know open a window and click on the configuration and choose DAX3

Settings folder

  • Press in Restore and the settings apply.

Ok we have our Zoran GCAM almost ready. Now let's fix the front for Portrait Mode.

How to fix the front camera for Portrait Mode

GCAM Zoran

Go for it:

  • We go to Settings and we put 100% Denoise Multiplier
  • Now we go to Settings> Advanced Options> FIX> and change Black Level Front camera a Auto
  • We return to Settings and Front Swap we put it to ID 3
  • In the same setting screen, we deactivate the option “Alternative Front Fix"
  • We restart the app closing it and we open it again

We have List the functional GCAM with Portrait Mode on both the rear and front cameras. Remember that we are with version 6.1 and it is still subject to new versions in which Zoran is still working to improve it.

The only fault he currently has is on the front with Portrait Mode when more than 1 person leaves in the selfie. Hopefully soon that black screen does not come out and we can enjoy those amazing selfies that Zoran's GCAM does.