Do the Galaxy S20 audio jack and microSD card have?

Do the Galaxy S20 audio jack and microSD card have?

galaxy s20 have audio jack and microsd

A trend that we have seen a lot in recent years regarding the design of flagships is to eliminate as many ports as possible. That is supposed to give the device a cleaner and premium design, but sacrificing functional aspects Very important for the user. A good example of this trend are the iPhone 11, which have arrived without a port to connect headphones and without the ability to expand their storage with microSD.

Android manufacturers have also welcomed this trend, which has resulted in the Galaxy Note 10 not having an audio jack or that the Google Pixel 4 does not include a microSD card slot. But, What about the new Galaxy S20? Nor do they have audio jack or microSD? Then we answer those questions.

The Galaxy S20 s have expansion by microSD card

galaxy s20 series

We start with good news, because we confirm that you can expand the storage of all Galaxy S20 series phones with a microSD card. In fact, you can use up to 1TB microSD cards on your Galaxy S20 to forget about the problems of little storage. Samsung has already accustomed us to include a microSD slot in its Galaxy S series phones, so it is good news that the tradition continues with the S20.

It should be noted that the normal Galaxy S20 only has 128 GB of internal storage, while its Plus and Ultra variants have versions of up to 512 GB of internal storage. While 128 GB is enough to save many photos and videos, as well as to install several apps and gamesOver time you will surely need more storage and microSD cards are an economical and effective way to achieve it.

We recommend you buy the version with less storage of the S20 that you like (since it is cheaper) and, if you see that you need more storage, buy a microSD card to expand it. These cards are cheap and thanks to them you avoid paying a lot of money for a storage space that you will probably never use. Here you have some cheap microSD at the price of laughter.

The Galaxy S20 has no audio jack

galaxy s20 without audio jack

The bad news is that the Galaxy S20 have arrived without an audio jack, so you can't connect your wired headphones directly to your S20. To listen to music with headphones on the Galaxy S20 you have two options: use wireless headphones or buy an adapter for the USB-C port that allows you to connect headphones with an audio jack. Apparently, Samsung has decided to eliminate this port forever from its flagships, because the Galaxy Note 10 does not have it either, so go getting used to these options. Here is one of those adapters that you can buy.

Obviously, with this decision Samsung wants Galaxy S20 owners to use their Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones, which is not a bad idea. These headphones have active noise cancellation, battery for six hours of music playback and synchronize very easily with any Samsung device.

However, we also recommend using any of the best AirPods Pro headphones, as they offer similar features and some can give you more features for a lower cost. Anyway, we hope we have resolved your doubts and, If you have any other questions about the Galaxy S20, tell us And we will answer you immediately.