Cosmic Wars: The Galactic Battle

Create your own ship in the post-epoch universe of Cosmic Wars

Cosmic Wars is an indie in which you have to build your spaceship In the dark and apocalyptic universe that awaits you. A very special game for various reasons and in which you will face other explorers who seek to colonize new worlds.

A game very well taken care of in the visual aspect and especially for have that neopunk with a design language own. The truth is that everything is so well taken care of that it is a pleasure to open new screens and start those space fights with the ship that you will design with your pieces and more.

Neopunk, sidereal space and your ship created by yourself

Cosmic Wars

Cosmic Wars is a great arrival and does it with the award of being one of the best indie games of these past years. It is mainly based on a vast universe that we are going to explore on the back of our spaceship and that is built by ourselves with various modules.

Cosmic Wars

Those modules are very varied and they will serve us to produce necessary materials, others for combat and many others for defense. But much remains to be seen in a game in which we have cast a half-hairpin and it has left a great taste in our mouths at all levels.

With the recent arrival of Eve Echoes, and being a multiplayer online game that demands a lot of resources from our mobile, Cosmic Wars is like the perfect ally to be a 2D game, with a great touch in graphics and design and for not demanding so many resources. A multiplayer game also in which you will face other players.

Combine the parts of your ship in Cosmic Wars

Cosmic Wars

One of the most important aspects of Cosmic Wars is the creation of our ship with the different parts that can be coupled. That is, we will be able to place the modules ourselves to go designing Ship properly. Yes, it is true that this design does not move to exploration mode, although it will be visible when we enter the fight.

Cosmic Wars

That said, combat is automatic. That is, we are the designers of our ship and then it will be the same the one that faces with all its attack and defense power to those enemy ships, they being both the machine and other players.

You will find a good variety of spaceships and monsters They will use all kinds of skills very rare many of them. It will be in that vast space where we will find colonies and we can even be bounty hunters to find fugitives.

More than 60 missions and many hours of play

Cosmic Wars

What we miss is that it is not yet in Spanish. It has enough dialogues although they are not very necessary to understand the mechanics of the game. With a little head we will quickly understand how to customize our ship, make those over 60 missions and wander around the different solar systems that are part of a fairly large universe, although we don't have that freedom from Eve Echoes.

Cosmic Wars