Best Apps and Games for iPad of the Week (July 1, 2013)

Best Apps and Games for iPad of the Week (November 25, 2013)

The best games and apps for iPad and iPad Mini from the App Store this week

The App Store is always constantly updated and there are many applications and games for Apple tablets. As it is impossible to try them all, in iPadizate we try to help you with a small list of the best apps and games that we have tried and that have been downloaded the most during the week.


This week we had a lot of fun with a new friend, Clumsy Ninja. Also We have learned a new way to play very interesting with Social GeowarsTry it, you will like it. Combo Crew will transport you to your little more bad, when you played Street Fighter. A game for children and not so children, the new Disney, Castle of Illusion. It has also created a great Extreme Bike Trip addiction, choose your bike and run.


Quality Sport magazine has us astonished, discover the true quality sports journalism that preaches. We also liked a simple app for children, 10 fingers, very original. Tayasui Sketches take out the artist you have inside thanks to its great tools. Notes Plus allows you to gather all your notes of the day, mixing images, freehand written text and keyboard text. A magical touch of music with the Chordion app, create and enjoy pleasure.

The best Apps and Games for iPad that we downloaded in the week of November 25

Clumsy ninja

This fun game puts a new virtual friend on your iPad. Your mission is to train and learn new tricks so that this little ninja acquires new belts and level up. You can also customize your face and share it instantly with your friends. Beware of this new friend! Sometimes he is more clumsy than he seems …

Crew Combo

Do you remember some great classics like Street Fighter or Final Fight? Now you can fight with all of them in a game specially designed for the touch screen of your iPad. All movements are gestures that you make on top of your opponent. Maybe its negative part lies in the few characters that are free but hey, trying it doesn't cost you anything.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

A new Disney adventure has arrived at the App Store. Help Mickey rescue Minnie by saving all the obstacles that you will find in the Ilusin Castle. The Sega classic is reinvented with 3D graphics that will delight any player. Discover the five wonderful worlds and complete all the hidden challenges.

Extreme Bike Trip

Do you want a game that doesn't make you think much? Enjoy with this new "endless racer", but this time do it on a motorcycle. The game is very fun and has large doses of addiction. Collect all the gasoline you can to drive as long as possible. Change your bike and choose the one that best suits your personality. You also have a multiplayer mode!

Social geowars

Social Geowars is a different way of playing, always with real people and with the possibility of revenge. You dare? Connect to any of the existing groups and choose your side. You only have to locate an opponent. Search the map and find the opponents closest to your position. You can also create your own group, with the characteristics you decide.

Quality Sport Magazine

Do you want quality sports journalism? This is your magazine. Quality Sport is specially designed for sports lovers and on their pages, you will find lots of interactive content on current sports topics. Subscribe for free and receive a new number every month on your iPad.

Tayasui Sketches

This fantastic app puts in your hands a magical canvas to get the artist inside. One of its best features that it has is the possibility of dividing your drawing into different layers, whatever you want. You can also try, for an hour, all the professional tools offered by the application.


With Chordion you just found a new way to compose your own music. Choose the chords with one hand and with the other you can play the melodies. The application is totally valid for the most amateur musicians, but make no mistake, the professionals also have a very special place and very suitable tools.

10 fingers

10 delds is a really different educational application with which the little ones can learn to simply count on their fingers. Take advantage of the touch screen in a very original and intelligent way. In addition, the app has no advertising, no integrated purchases, paps rest while children play and learn.

Notes Plus

You are facing one of the best applications with which to take notes from the App Store. The way you respond to freehand writing is really accurate. You can also mix it with pleasure with the text you enter through the keyboard of your iPad. It also supports images inserted from different sources.