Battle Prime

Battle Prime is a multiplayer shooter with its own graphic engine

Maybe Battle Prime has not been released with everything it does offer early Call of Duty Mobile, but it has the base so that with periodic updates it adds experience and content, and it can be another multiplayer shooter to take into account for the coming years.

One of the important points of this new shooter is that use your own engine to process the graphics and the whole game itself. If we highlight this aspect, it is due to the possibilities it offers when optimizing resources when making a battery overload; and we all know how important it is in a shooter that is optimized so that players can throw their 2 or 3 hours without having to charge it again.

A multiplayer shooter to keep in mind

Battle prime

The fact that Battle Prime is on the market is great news to compete with the rest, such as Call of Duty Mobile itself. You will see a lot of pull with this kind of games and millions of players are present from their mobiles, so having several alternatives is more than important.

Battle prime

Battle Prime is an online multiplayer shooter that from the outset will put you fully into battle so you can start enjoying the engine and that shows great strength when generating light flashes from the sun or even when a grenade falls to meters that leaves us blind. It will be in those moments when we realize that in a little time and improving some aspects, such as animations, we can be before one of the important shooter.

A game that allows us play with automatic or manual shooting in order to get fully into combat. There is nothing surprising here and we are used to the control stick and those buttons to shoot. Yes, it is true that the animations could be softer between the transitions of the movements, but they fulfill their mission.

6v6 games in Battle Prime

Battle prime

For now we will only be able to enjoy 6v6 games, but they are intense enough to play one after the other. We will relive every time we fall down, and we can choose between the different "prime" to change the strategy to follow.

Battle prime

Those prime are characterized by different skills that impose different strategies, so we recommend that you try them all to find the one with which you feel most comfortable and thus display the best of your combat skills.

We are facing a freemium game with Battle Prime and that it uses loot boxes and subscriptions in order to access cosmetic objects; Fortine, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. It is almost essential today to have this type of content to liven up the days of all those followers who start playing it daily.

Waiting for new content

Battle prime

So we are left with a new online multiplayer with a great base for content to arrive and start improving some things. We talk in more ways, more maps, better animations and all that content that is required to encourage continued play. Anyway, their games are already very effective and have much of what is sought in such a game.

Visually it is excellent and stands as a great shooter in this regard. The fighting are pretty static at the moment, but it is a matter of updates as animations could be more fluid when we reload the weapon and then use it. We keep the details of the maps and how we can see branded cars or parked motorcycles. This generates a great atmosphere and that we get fully into the map.