Are you looking for a power supply for your PC? These are the best

Are you looking for a power supply for your PC? These are the best

Choosing a power supply may not be the most exciting when assembling a desktop computer, but even if you don't believe it, it is one of the most relevant. With the right choice, you can keep the overclock Stable and your equipment safe from voltage variations. Our favorite is the Corsair RM750, an option that without being too expensive stands out for being modular, efficient and with a generous warranty of 10 years.

But if this alternative does not meet what you are looking for, we have other options, such as the FSP Dagger 550W or the Seasonic Prime Ultra 1,300W. Read on to learn more about the best power supplies for desktop computers you can buy.

The best power supplies

The best power supply: Corsair RM750

Corsair RM750 power supply

Corsair develops fantastic power supplies. However, many come with similar nomenclatures, so choosing our favorite – even from the same line – was not easy. The RM750 model is approved by its combination of high-end features and affordable price. At $ 100 dollars it is not the cheapest, but it is not among the most expensive either. If the 750 watts are excessive, you can save some money on cheaper options, or take something more powerful of 850W for only $ 10 dollars more.

Regardless of the option you choose, the RM range offers fully modular wiring, high quality capacitors, a silent fan and a modern mode standby, which helps this unit to activate in less than five seconds. The RMX range is more expensive, but offers slightly higher quality components, although not as efficient. With an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, with the RM750 you will be sure that you will not waste energy, even when the system is running at full speed.

The best small format power supply: FSP Dagger 550WFSP Dagger 550W power supply

Pack high power components in a miniature desktop computer cabinet is fashionable. But alongside compact cooling solutions, many MicroATX and mini-ITX cabinets need a small power supply. With an attractive housing, excellent modular wiring and a decent capacity of 500W, this FSP unit is a fantastic choice. If you need more power, you have the 650W version for about $ 20 additional dollars.

The FSP Dagger 550W enjoys an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, a fan that works almost silently when the unit has a load of less than 50 percent and has Japanese capacitors for excellent stability and a long service life. Although you probably shouldn't have problems, it has a three-year warranty.

The best high-end power supply: Seasonic Prime 1,300W

It makes no sense to build a multi-GPU system if you don't need it for benchmarking or for very specific games. But if you do, you will need a monstrous power supply to make sure your graphics cards have the power they need. Seasonic Prime Ultra is our favorite with its 1,300W and all the features you would expect from a high-end power supply.

It is completely modular, enjoys an 80 Plus Silver efficiency rating, has a 12-year warranty and works completely quietly until it reaches 40 percent load. It also has gold-plated connectors for durability and a touch of class, in addition to supporting multiple graphics cards.

It is an expensive power supply, but for powerful super computers that require maximum stability and a lot of protection for their expensive components, the Seasonic Prime Ultra is the alternative to choose.

The best source of economic power: Corsair CX550

power supply Corsair CX550

The power supply we recommend if you are going to build a computer gaming Economical is the Corsair CX550. Not a pioneer and far from being among the most powerful, but it is stable and safe. At its price level, it is exactly what you need. It is available in several capacities and for only $ 5 additional dollars you can get semi-modular wiring. However, this entry level version is the most affordable and, therefore, the most appropriate if you need an economical power supply.

Despite the relatively low cost, you get a quiet fan, a five-year warranty and an 80 Plus Bronze efficiency rating. Compatible with all modern processors and boards, this power supply has enough power to power basic level gaming computers, to relatively advanced systems with powerful graphics cards. First verify that you have enough space for your GPU on a site like RealHardTech. If you are within these limits, then the CX550 is a fantastic economic option.

The best RGB power supply: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650W

Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w power supply

If you prefer a bright and colorful computer, then you should not neglect the power source. Although there are a number of units that look great with their RGB lighting, they don't always have the necessary components to ensure stable operation as well. However, one of the exceptions is the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB.

Combining fully modular wiring with programmable RGB lighting, an 80 Plus Gold efficiency index and a silent fan (unless high performance is required), it's a great option. RGB lighting can be configured with any other of your computer, so that it is uniform and synchronized.

Offer a 10-year warranty, so if your lighting fails, Thermaltake will make sure to provide you with a replacement.

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