Are you looking for a convection oven? These are the best

Are you looking for a convection oven? These are the best

The powerful convection oven has become a popular element of modern cuisine. These devices circulate hot air around food to cook them more quickly and leave certain more golden dishes. After examining dozens of models, we can recommend the best you can buy, starting with the advanced Breville BOV845BSS and following a large selection of options, including some wall models for those who need more power.

Breville BOV845BSS

Convection oven Breville

We love the management of Breville technology, with which they obtain unique and powerful designs and control systems. This oven, for example, has a large LED display and a series of disc controls instead of buttons. Thanks to this, Breville can offer fast temperature and time settings, in addition to several predetermined modes for general heat levels, including roasting, roasting, roasting, pizza, cookies, reheating and more.

Its interior of 0.8 cubic feet is not incredibly large, but it has the necessary size for most of your projects, including a 33 centimeter pizza. In addition, thanks to its 1,800 watts, you will get enough power in addition to convection settings and a bright interior light that you can use to inspect your food if you have doubts about convection times. We would have wanted it to include another pair of smart features, but this will raise the price even more.

Cafe 30-inch CTS70DP2NS1 Smart Oven

Convection oven Cafe

If you want the best and only the best in wall convection ovens, check out this intelligent Caf model that is designed for high-tech kitchens and cooks who usually use the gadgets most recent. It offers a beautiful 7-inch touch screen that gives you full control of convection cooking options and easy-to-read updates around the cooking process. In addition, the oven sensors can adjust the temperature and times automatically if it seems that a dish is moving differently than expected.

This model has a space of 5 cubic feet in which you can prepare large plates, and has customizable options, such as the possibility of choosing the handles and knobs to combine with other appliances that you already have in your home. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. If you use the application to control this oven, you can take advantage of a useful bar code scanning option that automatically creates the oven settings for frozen foods and other similar things you want to cook.

KitchenAid 30-inch KOSE500ESS

Convection oven Kitchenaid

The high quality real convection system of KitchenAid offers something called Even-Heat, which consists of a design with a heating element in the shape of a moo tie and a fan so that the air circulates in the most uniform way possible through its 5 cubic feet space. Elements such as the glass touch screen and the extensible grid improve the cooking experience with this oven, but we also like its high-tech functions. Among these we find a conversion tool to adapt traditional recipes to convection measurements and a built-in thermometer so you can make sure that the meats are cooked to perfection.

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