Apple vs. Samsung: face to face between AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds +

Apple vs. Samsung: face to face between AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds +

Samsung introduced its new flagship phones, the Galaxy S20, and the innovative Galaxy Z Flip, during the Galaxy Unpacked in February 2020, but also surprised with its new Galaxy Buds + headphones, which offer a battery of no less than 11 hours with a single load! A feature that seems to be imposed on the market, since the Master & Dynamic M07 Plus, for example, already offer 10 hours (although for 300 dollars), and the Power Beats Pro, 9 hours (for 200 dollars). But what more differences exist with the famous, omnipresent and almighty AirPods Pro? Who wins this Apple vs. battle. Samsung? We analyze them category by category to tell you which are the best.

Battery life

This is easy. The new Galaxy Buds + defeat the AirPods Pro. With 11 hours of autonomy per full charge and 11 additional hours with the case, plus the possibility of charging the headphones wirelessly using a Galaxy phone, you will have to say that the Galaxy Buds + are a more convenient option for users who need headphones for many hours and for people who do not like to carry things every day. This battery life at $ 150 dollars is impressive.

Winner: Galaxy Buds +

Noise Isolation / Cancellation

Another clear category, this time for AirPods Pro, which have one of the best active noise cancellation technologies we have heard in wireless headphones true wireless so far (s, even better than the Sony WF-1000xM3, surprisingly).

The Galaxy Buds + have no noise reduction technology apart from the fact that a good seal with a silicone pad can block a lot of noise. That passive isolation from noise, along with music at a reasonable volume, makes up most of the outside world. Therefore, for everyone, except for frequent travelers or train travelers, active noise cancellation may not be necessary to ensure a private listening experience.

Winner: AirPods Pro

Sound quality

The AirPods Pro also win here. We still cannot believe that we are accumulating so many compliments on an Apple audio product, but Apple has the AirPods Pro with a sound good enough to withstand most of the high-end competition, while comfortably knocking out most of The lowest cost options. The basses are solid but not too strong, the media come out without too much deviation from the original, the transients are clean without being too advanced and the treble shines sufficiently avoiding neutral sounds.

The Galaxy Buds + have a treble response that attracts attention. It is not the type of sound we are used to from AKG (a high-end professional audio brand that Samsung captured as part of its Harman acquisition at the end of 2016), which we have always felt that has given voice to its products with a High frequency reproduction detailed, but generally smooth. The mid-range response in the Buds + is fine, without inflating the bass to create a buzzing sound for male voices. The other side of this is a generally "thin" sound. We are also disappointed with the response of the Galaxy Buds + basses, which we feel could be deeper and have a little more presence.

To be clear, we tested the equalization of the increase in bass in the Samsung Wearable application, which allows you to control various aspects of the Buds +, but we did not find a significant improvement.

Winner: AirPods Pro


Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, comfort is in the ear of the listener. Each one's ears are different. Even so, we find that the Galaxy Buds +, which are lighter and have a more ergonomic shape for our ears, are more comfortable than the AirPods Pro. On long flights, we had to take out the AirPods Pro to relieve some pressure points . Three hours after trying out the Galaxy Buds +, we don't feel the need to remove them.

Bonus points for Buds + for offering a safer fit, thanks to the mini wings (or "fins", if you prefer) that offer greater stability.

Winner: Galaxy Buds +

Mobile Device Integration

The Samsung Galaxy Buds + are for Galaxy phones as the AirPods Pro are for the iPhone. The native functions of each of them provide users with simple connections and check the battery status at a glance, both for the headphones and for the charging case.

We give the Buds + a slight advantage by being a bit more friendly with the platforms thanks to the Galaxy Buds + application developed for iOS, which gives the same access to the equalizer presets, environmental mode control and touch control customization.