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Amazon technical error & # 039; & # 039; & # 039; causes user names, email addresses to be filtered: Report

Amazon has been sending emails to some of its users, informing them of a "technical error" that recently occurred on the website, which made their names and email addresses publicly visible on the site.

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This was the first reported by BetaNews, and apparently, Amazon has refused to reveal how many users were affected by this. However, the only way to know if you were one of them is to receive an email from the company. Then, just to be sure, you can check the email you used to register with Amazon. If you are a Gmail user, be sure to check the Update tab.

Brian Krebs, an independent investigative journalist, who often writes for The New York Times, No wonder in a tweet:

At the time of writing this story, a report by The edge updated that Amazon has already solved what was causing the 'technical error'.

It is still unclear how many people were affected by this and in what regions. From the data available at this time, many users in the United Kingdom and the United States have received this email.

We just made a quick test strip with our team members and nobody from tech2 You have received any notification from Amazon. In case you receive such notification, let us know in the comments section.