iPhone 12 concepto

A new concept of iPhone 12 makes us fall in love at first sight

  iPhone 12 concept
Everything we know about iPhone 12 It has only raised expectations about a major redesign of Apple's flagship. And as every year, there are always those who go beyond and not only develop ideas based on the data that is revealed, but even dare to propose and capture what comes out of their imagination.

Currently, we are in the phase of the development cycle of a new iPhone model in which leaks and data from analysts or employees of production chains are the order of the day. So, this year four iPhone models are expected with the expert 5G connectivity, available according to the markets, a new proposal of colors and a powerful triple lens camera system.

With several data that coincide on the table, aya the designers and fans of the firm of the bitten apple have put to work to create renders with impressive proposals, although some more realistic than others. To the list recently has been added a concept created by Hasan Kaymak, published on the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone, which shows how an iPhone 12 or rather a Samsung?

According to the comments received by the publication, this concept of iPhone 12 moves away in several aspects of the essence of mobile phones developed by Apple. In the first instance, the comments have made reference to the similarity of the last part with Samsung phones. In addition to this, a laser keyboard that projects the keys on a desk on which you can really write, but which, in fact, seems very impractical when using the real world.

However, and despite the previous points, there are those who rescue the rest of the design, considering it elegant and because beyond what was allowed to involve, it takes into account other features such as the screen 5.8-inch XDR retina, a 13MP hidden front camera, the Apple 5nm Bionic A14 chip with up to 8 times faster than Aion Bionic and the projector system, iProject