Nueva HTC Re: una nueva apuesta en las cámaras personales

a new bet on personal cameras

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Yesterday the HTC event was present in which some new devices were presented. We have already talked about one of them, it is the HTC Desire Eye, but this post brings me to another issue, which is mainly the output of a new photographic device by HTC. It is a small “Social” camera with which we can take videos and photographs. The truth is that this does not catch us by surprise, since we knew the intention of the brand with respect to this device.

HTC wanted to emphasize that a sports camera has not been launched, but a social camera. We are more than used to seeing people with this type of cameras doingvlogsand recording moments that are not sporty. For this reason, HTC did not want to launch a camera with a square or ideal look to put it in a case, but It is a camera with a more careful appearance than normal and that we can use for all moments. Although it is not a sports camera, in the pack of sale if we can see an elastic strap that allows us to tie it to the head.

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<p style=This is a small periscope-shaped device, which places the lens at a 90 angle with respect to the grip. The material that the brand has chosen to manufacture this social camera, is the bright plastic, personally reminds me of a toy for its shape and appearance. Also We can appreciate that it is a minimalist device that is easy to use. In the whole set we have only 3 buttons. It has a grip sensor to turn on when we hold it and thus be able to be faster when taking pictures.

The camera has a 16 megapixel sensor and wide angle lens with f / 2.8 aperture. With these characteristics, I can think that making images and videos similar to that of asmartphonehigh end

We can take pictures, record full HD video, capture in slow motion (96 fps) and mode timelapse. For this last mode you will need a smart phone with the application installed. The other modes can be activated from the device itself using the buttons. One touch on the main button to take a picture, if we keep 2 seconds this same button we will start recording video. To activate the slow motion function we will have to press both buttons at the same time. To recognize these modes we have a series of Led’s to indicate which one we are in. The camera has no screen to display any type of information.

HTC provide an application with which we can view live content on our mobile phone, according to HTC this is to use the camera as baby listens, well, in this case also with image. They are also working on an application to be able to broadcast live via You Tube.

We can insert microSD cards up to 128 GB, but the cloud is also present, since We can program the camera to upload the captures after taking them and whenever it is connected in a Wi-Fi network. Something that I liked a lot is that it brings us an 8 Gb card inside the pack of purchase, something that is not usual.

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As you can see it is a concept that already exists, but that HTC has managed to modify it to give it a touch of fresh air that, I like a lot and I see it as a good idea.

What do you think of the concept of personal camera and not action? Can you cope with the GoPro?