50 Valentines filters for Instagram Stories

The day of Valentine It is to show the world the love we feel for our partner, friends, family, or even our pet, that is why we bring dozens of filters for Instagram Stories.

A priori we will not see dozens, but if we continue reading the article, we will know how to locate hundreds of filters to use in Stories, both in San Valentn, as in our day.

In Instagram we must differentiate two types of filters, the originals of Instagram, or the filters created by users, The latter are the most abundant, and a few paragraphs later we will see an article with over 100 free filters for Instagram Stories.

How to put links on Instagram Stories

Instagram filters

Whether it's Valentine's Day or not, Instagram is always improving its app and adding new features, and more when it comes to animating the Stories that are the most used functions in the social network.

Image - 50 Valentine filters for Instagram Stories

To access these filters we must open a new Stories and swipe from right to left the area where the filters appear (upper capture). In the end, several original Instagram filters appear and among them there are 5 that are related to Valentine's Day, or with love themes, but they are seasonal, that is, they are not always the same:

Image - 50 Valentine filters for Instagram Stories

Filters created by Instagram users

If we stay in that "wheel" and we reach the end of the filters, a circle with a magnifying glass icon. If we press ah we access all the filters created by hundreds of thousands of Instagram users.

Image - 50 Valentine filters for Instagram Stories

If we click on the "Love" tag, we access more than 40 filters related to love, there are also humor, because it gives a little love, but they are still perfect filters for Valentine's Day. In fact, we can also be our own Valentines memes.

Image - 50 Valentine filters for Instagram Stories

Tricks to get more San Valentn filters for Instagram Stories

On our website there are various articles related to Instagram filters, in fact, we have one that collect all the viral filters that appear in the Stories and we teach you to get these filters and upload them to your stories.

Apart from this, there are other apps with filters, such as Snapchat. This app is used to test filters, among other things, and then upload those videos to our Stories.

There is very famous filters on Snapchat, as for example, the one of the change of sex, the one that made us return to be children, or to happen directly to be grandparents with the app of Faceapp .