How to put apps password on iPhone

5 reasons to use an alphanumeric code even if you have Face ID or Touch ID


Apple introduced the Touch ID and Face ID security systems to offer its users an alternative to protect their iPhone (and iPad) data. That is why many of you do not use an alphanumeric code as a password.

If you don't use a alphanumeric code, we recommend you do it. It is true that it is not a security system as comfortable and fast as Face ID or Touch ID, but it provides a much more efficient protection.

Even if you use a 4-digit or 6-digit password, your iPhone is still more vulnerable than it should be. Today we tell you a series of reasons why we think you will have to use an alphanumeric code to protect the data of your mobile device.

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5 reasons to use an alphanumeric code on your iPhone

1. A code number is not as safe as you think


You might think that a 4 or 6-digit password is more than enough to safeguard the security of your device because Apple focuses all its efforts on offering a mobile operating system with excellent encryption. But all these security mechanisms are useless if you manage to unlock your iPhone.

If you simply use a 4 or 6 number password, you are missing out on the opportunity to have the maximum security possible that Apple offers you. In addition, an alphanumeric code is much more complicated to remember if someone tries to spy on you to see how you enter it on your iPhone.

2. Your iPhone data and privacy are important


Think for a moment about all the sensitive data you store in your mobile phone: photographs, videos, work documents, private messages, bank accounts and a host of more information that should belong to you and only you. Your privacy is a precious treasure that you don't want to fall into the wrong hands.

And it's not just about you, we also talk about your loved ones and friends. And how they may be affected if someone accesses your information.

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3. Your iPhone is the center of your digital life

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Your mobile phone has a barbarity of private data about you. It will be a sufficient reason to use a much more complex security code. But when you realize how important the iPhone is in your life, you make sure that the risks of not using an alphanumeric code are even higher.

You have logged in a lot of social networks, you have accounts of Electronic mail? Nico associated, a history of all the web pages you have visited and a long list of things about your digital life.