3 Android games like Super Mario Run that you can play

3 Android games like Super Mario Run you can play

After trying Super Mario Run, we compare it with three other Android games that you can play. They are also worth it. And they can be played offline.

I have to say: Nintendo has done an excellent job with Super Mario Run, is one of those games that are worth the expectation they raised. I was testing it just yesterday, in the demo version with the three free levels. I loved. Seriously, I'm looking forward to Nintendo deciding to bring it to Android.

While we wait sitting, it has occurred to me to detail the 3 Android games that look a lot like Super Mario Run and the ones you can play. Saving the logical distances, they are not so far from what will be Nintendo's star game.

The 3 best Android games you can play instead of Super Mario Run

I already said that we must save the logical distances between the Nintendo game and the 3 proposals that I have chosen. The technical level reached with Super Mario Run on iOS is above average in mobile games. And Mario's charisma, along with all the key characters and scenarios of his titles, has no comparison. But, because of the lack of good bread they are cakes, we can kill the wait with the following 3 games.

Sonic Boom (Sonic Dash 2)

It was inevitable to bring the blue porcupine in a game comparison where his once enemy was, Mario. When I started in video games there were only two sides: or you were from Mario and Nintendo or from Sonic and Sega (There were also the rich with the NeoGeo). I always felt a predilection for the plumber, but everything that bears the Sonic seal deserves a little corner in my heart.

Unlike Mario, Sonic has lavished on mobile games. The quality of the new titles is not up to the classics, but Sonic boom It remains at a very good level. Endless runner, ring capture, final bosses … And always running forward. Too bad that Sega abuses in-app purchases, something she is used to: Sonic Dash 2 kills the experience slightly.

Run Sackboy! Run!

It has been on the market for a couple of years, but it is still one of the most original endless runner games you can find on a mobile. And also a video game character stars: Sackboy, the protagonist of Little Big Planet.

The game runs horizontally, just like Super Mario Run. Obstacles are the order of the day, so Sackboy must overcome them as much as possible. All the sympathy of the character within the environments and style of scenarios of Little big planet.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

I have a predilection for Lara Croft since I enjoyed the first installment on PlayStation (what times). Two of his classic titles came in addition to the Android essential Lara Croft Go and of this endless runner, a fast-paced game in which we will drive Lara while running in a vertical scroll avoiding all kinds of obstacles.

My first impressions after playing Super Mario Run

3 Android games like Super Mario Run that you can play

Beyond criticizing the decision to bring Super Mario Run only to iOS, something that seems absurd, I must say that the experience playing on the iPhone 7 Plus was excellent. Surely you have the same reservations as me. Such a clear platform game where a crosshead or control is needed to play, Can it be moved to the mobile to be used with just one press? I answer you with a monosyllable: yes.

I think Nintendo has developed one of the best mobile games. Not only because it maintains the classic console essence (I recognize that I am not entirely objective at this point), but also because the gameplay is at the same level as in a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo WiiU title. Moreover, even the graphics have nothing to envy to these consoles: they are traced in detail and fluidity to New Super Mario Bros. U, the first game in the saga in high definition.