You can now delete messages from Facebook Messenger

You can now delete messages from Facebook Messenger

After the scandal about Facebook being monitoring your messages in Messenger, thanks to a Tech Crunch report, it is indicated that the founder of this platform has been deleting messages sent secretly.

Thanks to this, said social network announced that there will soon be the new function of being able to eliminate messages permanently in conversations for all users, this comes from a report which indicates that the programmers of said social network will be releasing the function known as diverting the which allows to perform the function exactly the same as that found in the whatsapp messaging platform.

He has also announced that images can be sent in 360 format and even videos, all these functions are a strategy to leave to the past all the scandals that gave the image of the company.

It is expected that this will arrive in the next few months and possibly the same way in which it is used to delete messages as in whatsapp, it is also expected that in the case of Messenger, there will not be a small text, image or video message ┬źit was removed ┬╗so as not to leave any trace.

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