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WhatsApp will allow access to groups from Google

WhatsApp privacy is once again in the eye of the hurricane, and in this case the cause is Google. With a simple search on Google you can access private WhatsApp groups, that is, this error allows people outside the group to have access to the conversations.

Not only the conversations, which are sometimes banal and insulous, but the real danger is in having access to the telephone numbers. This information, in inappropriate hands, can be a focus of problems for dozens of people from premium subscriptions, hacks, theft of WhatsApp accounts, and countless headaches.

Be careful with the name of WhatsApp groups: they can block your account

But before continuing with this fuss, it is worth explaining how it is possible to have almost unlimited access to private WhatsApp groups with a simple search on Google.

Well, the problem lies mainly in the invitation link to the groups. These links are indexed in Google without taking into account that they are privateThis is why this serious ruling allows anyone to join the group without prior consent.

To access these groups, simply put on Google the specific structure of the WhatsApp groups link:

site: concert concert

Where we put "concert", you can put almost any word (Carnival, demonstration, travel, hangouts, Indonesia, Spain, football, etc.), since they are usually groups with hundreds of people to organize hangouts, demonstrations, go to concerts, parties, football matches, etc.

When you type that in the Google search bar, the Internet giant returns thousands of results. Well, this gives thousands of people the possibility of accessing without consent, private groups having access to conversations, photos, telephone numbers, private information, etc.

Moreover, in our tests, we have written " concert" and we have accessed a link that is indexed on a Facebook fan page and another group on a Twitter Tweet.

Image - WhatsApp would allow access to groups from Google

If we scroll, we see Websites with dozens of WhatsApp groups to go to concerts, even in "Thousand Ads" there are links to WhatsApp groups. Be that as it may, The only security measure is to click on "Join the chat".

Image - WhatsApp would allow access to groups from Google

We have changed the word, and the problem is repeated. These are large groups but mostly private, such as the groups we have with our friends, with our coworkers, our community of neighbors, family, etc. They are private.

All this leads us to know that it is the members and administrators of the groups themselves. responsible for the link to join is shared with trusted people that is shared freely and without control.

Part of that responsibility also rests with Google and WhatsApp to censor certain information by making searches as simple as those we have done in our tests. But this is something we don't know 100%, so, for now, better be cautious when sharing a link to join a WhatsApp group.

And if we want more security, we can go to the settings of a group of which we are administrators and activate the box where we are allowed to choose who can add members to a group. At the moment, there is nothing in WhatsApp to limit the entry to a group, that is, there is no filter, nor any security method, as we have been able to verify.