What does Fortnite have to do with The Mandalorian?

What does Fortnite have to do with The Mandalorian?

ILM The Mandalorian special effects Unreal Engine

Industrial Light and Magic knows how to make special effects, that has no discussion. What you generate for The Mandalorian is to take off your hat. Through a video, the firm showed all the engineering behind the scenes of the first season in the history of the bounty hunter starring Pedro Pascal.

And one of the surprises is that they left aside the famous green screen technique and used Unreal Engine, the same technique and game engine that Epic Games uses to create the scenarios in their games and that is the creation of Fortnite's father, Ronen Bekerman

This director Jon Favreu projected it on immense LED screens in the film studios of The Mandalorian.

As explained Industrial Light and Magic part of the work of creating these scenarios: “More than 50 percent of season 1 of The Mandalorian was filmed using this new innovative methodology, completely eliminating the need for location sessions. Instead, The Mandalorian actors appeared on a 20 'high by 270 degree semicircular LED video wall and ceiling with a 75' diameter performance space, where the practical pieces were combined with digital extensions on the screens "

“The digital 3D environments created by ILM were reproduced interactively on the LED walls, edited in real time during filming, which allowed accurate pixel tracking and 3D images with correct perspective rendered at high resolution through powered systems by NVIDIA GPU “, complement.

Additionally, “the environments were illuminated and rendered from the perspective of the camera to provide real-time parallax, as if the camera really captured the physical environment with precise interactive light on the actors and practical scenarios, giving executive producer Jon Favreau, Executive producer and director Dave Filoni, visual effects supervisor Richard Bluff and cinematography directors Greig Fraser and Barry Baz Idoine, and episdic directors, the ability to make concrete creative decisions for work based on visual effects during photography and achieve camera compositions in real time on set ”.

In this way, ILM added that to do the work of camera composition and special effects, “they combine the ingenuity of partners such as Golem Creations, Fuse, Lux Machina, Profile Studios and ARRI along with the ILM StageCraft virtual production platform and , ultimately, the real-time interactivity of the Unreal Engine platform. ”

A really incredible result.

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