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Tips and tricks to get the most out of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in history. In January of this year, more than 2 million active users were registered in a single month.

Its popularity means that more and more companies, businesses and individual users want to be part of the social network, either to publicize their brand or product or to be able to use it more personally.

Facebook allows you to stay in touch with hundreds of friends at the same time anywhere in the world: you can share photos, states, videos, chat privately, check your friends' photos, interact

The range of tools that the social network offers is so wide that newcomers to Facebook may feel somewhat overwhelmed or confused.

So if you are interested in being part of the Facebook community, but you feel something lost, do not worry, in PCWorld we have created a mini-guide to accompany you in your first steps through the Facebook world.

1. How to create a Facebook account

You are convinced: you want to have your own Facebook account. Now, what is the first step to follow?

Let's start with the most obvious: create the account. To do this you will have to access the official Facebook page.

On the main page you will see a message to log in to Facebook using your email or phone number and password. This section is only for users who already have an account in the social network.

In your case, you will have to click on Register on Facebook, just below the button Sign in

Then you will be shown a series of boxes that you will have to fill in with your personal data: name, surname, phone number, email address, date of birth, password, etc.

When you fill in all the data click on Sign up Remember that Facebook only accepts accounts from real people, that is, the data they register must be your real data. It is important that you know that impersonating identities is a crime.

By clicking on register, you will be accepting the terms and conditions of use of Facebook, so it is advisable to check them out before continuing.

You may also be interested in our article on facial recognition to start session on Facebook.

2. Find friends on Facebook

What is Facebook without friends? Nothing. If you do not have friends on Facebook the social network is meaningless, that is why the first step is to find your friends.

Facebook will send you suggestions from friends based mostly on your contacts in your email.

When you see the list, you can decide who to send a friend request or not. When you send the application you will only have to wait for the other person to accept so that you can finally be friends on Facebook.

If you want to search for a specific person, you just have to type their name in the search engine that appears in the top bar of the page and all the people registered on Facebook with that name or similar names will appear.

3. Add content to your Facebook profile

To access your own Facebook page, tap on the icon with your photo and your name at the top of the window, right next to the button Start.

Under your cover photo and your profile picture, see a dialog box with the question What are you thinking, it is in this space where you can publish your own texts, phrases, thoughts, photos, videos, gif, etc.

If you click on the question a window will open. If you only want to add text, you can write what you want and click on Publish. Your message will appear on your profile and on your friends' news wall so that they, if they wish, can interact.

If, in addition to (or instead) of text, you want to publish other content, you just have to take a look at the options that appear below the text box: photo / video, feeling / activity, location, GIF, survey, list, etc. . You have a lot of options!

4. What are your friends doing on Facebook?

Facebook is a social network that, in addition to publishing its own content, allows you to enjoy the content of your friends.

If you click on the button Start You will find yourself on your news wall. In it you can see the most recent posts of your friends on Facebook.

If you slide down, these posts will appear according to the time they have been shared and how often you visit each friend's profiles.

Each post will allow you different types of interaction:

  • The button of I like: If you pass the mouse over the icon without clicking, you see that a window with different reaction icons is displayed. These icons will allow you to show how you feel about the post you are seeing. The post can make you angry, you can love it, you can like it, it can make you laugh Facebook is a social network designed for interaction, so do not hesitate to express what you feel!
  • Comment: If you prefer to express your feelings with words, you just have to click on the comment button and leave your opinion or comment regarding the video, photo or text. Remember to always be respectful and not to use discriminatory language that incites hatred or violence since Facebook will see itself in the right to cancel your account
  • Share: If you like the post a lot, or if you get so angry that you want to write on your wall referring to that post, you can do it using the share button. When you click on share a window with different options is displayed: you can share on your wall so that all your friends can see and interact too; send it as a message; or share it in a friend's biography or on another page.

5. Send private messages on Facebook

Facebook also gives you the possibility to communicate with your friends privately, that is, without any other contact being able to read your conversation.

To be able to chat with your friends on Facebook, click on the button Messages. This button is in the top bar, to the right of the friend request button, it is shaped like a speech bubble with a lightning bolt inside.

Clicking on Messages will open all the conversations started, that is, you will be able to read the messages sent by friends that you have not yet read.

In this window, you see that at the top you have different options, including the one for message requests. If you click on this section you can see messages sent by Facebook users that are not in your friends list.

You can also decide whether or not to accept a conversation with that person who is not on your Facebook friends list.

Two other options in this message window are: new group Y new message. Like WhatsApp, Facebook allows you to send group messages, when you click, you can select from your list of friends who you want to be part of that chat group.

If you want to send a message to one person, then click new message, and in the section of for Write the person's name.

If you are using Facebook on your mobile, we recommend that you download the free Facebook Messenger application. This application is designed so that you can use the Facebook messenger service on your mobile in a similar way to WhatsApp.

You can download the Android application by clicking on this link.

6. How to create an event on Facebook

Did you know that you can invite people to your birthday party through Facebook? and organize a hangout with old friends? Facebook has the tool Create event thanks to the cul you can summon your friends to attend a specific event.

To create an event, you will have to click on the Start button, and then, on the left side of the page, on the word Events.

Once in Events, click on the + Create event button.

You can choose between creating a private event, so that only those people you invite can access the information, or create a public event, so that any user can see and search for it, even if they are not on your friends list.

When you choose one of the options a window will open in which you will have to fill in all the relevant information about the event, that is, the name of the event, where and when it will take place and the description of what will happen.

You can also choose a photo or video that heads the event and customize the invitation according to your tastes and preferences.

Once the event has been created and the invitations sent, you will be able to see who will attend, not attend or maybe attend your event. It is a very practical way to organize hangouts or summon a large number of people to events of interest.

7. How to create a Facebook page

Maybe this tool is something more commercial, since it allows you to create a page normally about a company, brand, famous person, web page, etc.

It is a very optimal way to publicize your project, using Facebook as a springboard to get your product or brand to your Facebook friends.

To create a page, you will have to return to the screen of Start click on the icon Pages on the left side of the screen, and finally, on the top green button Create page

Now you will have to choose what you are going to use your page for: will it be to promote a local place or business ?, a brand or product ?, to defend a cause or create a community around a specific topic?

Choose the most appropriate option and continue filling in all the information requested step by step until you reach the end.

Do not forget to invite all your friends on Facebook to like your page to get a greater number of followers.

Do not forget to follow the page of PCWorld Spain on Facebook!

8. How to create a group on Facebook

Facebook groups are often used as a space for discussion or exchange of information, ideas or products between different Facebook users who have an interest in the same topic.

According to Facebook, groups are the ideal option to specify many topics and stay in touch with the people you want. Share photos and videos, hold conversations, make plans and more.

For example, there are groups for Spanish residents in London, in which tricks, curiosities, tips or events are shared that are relevant to every Spanish living in the British capital. What will you create a group about?

If you have a clear idea, and you want to create a space for exchanging ideas, go back to the Start, in the left margin click on Groups and then click on Create group

A window will open in which you will have to enter the name you have chosen for your group, and you will also have to add some people to the group.

You can choose the type of privacy you want, there are three options in this regard, which Facebook structures in:

  • Public group: Anyone can see the group, members and their posts.
  • Closed group: Anyone can search the group and see who belongs to him. Only members can see posts.
  • Secret Group: Only members can search the group and see the posts.

9. How to deactivate your Facebook account

If you have tired of Facebook and want to deactivate your account without having to delete it completely, you can deactivate it.

To deactivate your Facebook account, click on the little arrow icon, in the top bar of the page on the right, right next to the question mark. Click on configuration

Within configuration, make sure you are in the section general, and click on Edit in the last of the options: Manage account

Vers that more options will appear. At the bottom you will find the section to deactivate your account. Facebook says that by deactivating your account, your profile will be deactivated and your name, your photo and most of the content you shared on Facebook will be deleted.

However, Facebook also lets you know that some people may continue to see certain information, such as your name on their friends list or the messages you sent them.

If you still want to deactivate your account, click on deactivate account. Facebook may ask for your password or ask you to select one of the options in which you explain why you want to deactivate your Facebook account.

When you pass these two steps, you will have been able to deactivate your Facebook account until you want to activate it again.

If you want to delete your account forever, then you can read our article on How to delete my Facebook account, in which we explain the steps you have to follow to carry out the process.

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