TikTok, implement the child mode function.

TikTok, implement the child mode function.

TikTok announced a new feature on Wednesday that allows parents to manage their children's screen time.

When enabled

Teen users will not be able to watch videos once they reach their time limit.

"We want people to have fun at TikTok, but it is also important that our community takes care of their well-being, which means having a healthy relationship with online applications and services," says Cormac Kennan,

The new family security mode

It allows parents to access the screen time management function that TikTok presented in April 2019 as part of its digital wellness tools.

Before, adults could limit their own time in front of the screen. Now parents can use the same tools to limit the amount of time their children spend on TikTok.

The new parental controls

They will now be presented in a series of videos that TikTok made in association with the influencers of the application to educate users about their Digital Wellbeing tools.

They look like typical TikTok videos, each of which shows users the function of each tool and how they can enable them.

The family security mode

It also allows parents to control who can send their direct messages to their children and enable the restricted viewing feature that blocks content they deem inappropriate.

The announcement comes a year after TikTok was fined for collecting data from children. Family safety mode is now available in the United Kingdom. It will be launched to other countries in the coming weeks.