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This strange error has been present since iOS 11 and Apple is not able to fix it

iOS ghost keyboard

This error known as "Ghost Keyboard" or "Ghost Keyboard" It seems to be immune to iOS updates. It is true that it only affects the new iPhone, however it is an error that seems to be present in iOS since version 11 of the operating system.

A new reddit thread has tried publicize this bug whereby there seems to be a ghost keyboard on iPhone with Face ID. The keyboard does not really appear, but it is there because if you press the keys they appear highlighted.

Ghost Keyboard Bug on FACEID devices (iOS 12-current) from r / iphone

A strange bug that only appears under certain conditions

It is true that it is not a very annoying bug since it only appears under certain circumstances, this is what you have to do to try to reproduce the error of the “iOS ghost keyboard”:

  • The first thing is to have a iPhone with Face ID.
  • You must have as unlock code an alphanumeric password, it does not work with the typical password only with numbers.
  • Once the iPhone unlocks you with Face ID, as long as it is not “an instant unlock”, your face is not visible and it takes a second or two to unlock and the home screen appears, if press quickly you can see the error of the "phantom keyboard".
  • The reddit user says that only the 70% of the time and that is a mistake that is there since iOS 11.
  • It also says that has reported this error more than 10 times to Apple and that has not managed to solve.

I have personally tried to reproduce it and I have achieved it in most cases, so I can confirm that it is an error that is also present in the latest beta of iOS 13.4. Hopefully Apple finally realizes this iOS bug and fix it, I had never realized this error, but it is true that I do not use an alphanumeric code.

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