The best gamers laptops for less than $ 1,000 dollars

The best gamers laptops for less than $ 1,000 dollars

If you are looking for one of the best laptops gamers that there is in the market, but your budget is somewhat limited, you may be disappointed to see all those zeros in the prices.

However, there are laptops to play that cost much less, as long as you are willing to sacrifice a bit in terms of specifications or size. To help you find them, we have compiled this list of the best laptops that a gamerYou can currently purchase for less than $ 1,000 dollars.

Based on the time we have spent with the product and the hundreds of laptops we have reviewed, our choice as the best of all is the versatile Dell G7 15, with which to get the most out of that $ 1,000 dollars.

Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop

Dell G7 laptop, one of the best cheap gamers laptops

The Dell G7 15 is the perfect example of a laptop gamer It has been manufactured thinking about the market segment that has a limited budget, but still has everything that is needed on a large computer to play.

The G7 is at the top of the G series of laptops gamers Dell, offering the best quality manufacturing and image, battery and design. Although for contemporary standards it could be somewhat bulky, it does not look like a laptop from 10 years ago (as is the case of the G3).

Although with some configuration it could even exceed $ 2,000 dollars, the $ 900 model offers you a quad-core processor of ninth generation, 8GB of RAM and a GTX 1650 graphics card. With these components you can play most of the modern titles, in medium settings, in its native 1080p resolution. In addition, this laptop comes with a 128GB SSD boot disk and a 1TB SATA disk for you to store your games. You can currently find a configuration of the G5 for the same price; You will get a more outdated design but its solid state unit is larger.

Asus ROG G531GT

Asus ROG laptop, one of the best cheap gamers laptops

If you are willing to buy a laptop gamer a little heavier, with the ROG G531GT you will get excellent specifications for your money. Despite often costing less than $ 1,000 dollars, the G531GT includes a six-core Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB solid state drive. This is just the kind of specifications you should look for in a modern laptop.

In addition, this ROG comes with the same GTX 1650 graphics card, which in this price range is the standard for laptops gamers. The G7 is lighter and thinner, but the RAM and storage space of this ROG make it worthwhile.

Asus TUF FX505DT Gaming Laptop

Laptop Asus TUF, one of the best cheap gamers laptops

If what you want is to spend as little as possible, the 15-inch Asus TUF for games is the answer. With a price that starts at $ 650 dollars, you will get the same GTX 1650, 8GB of RAM, the four-core processor and the 1080p screen.

It is not the prettiest or thinnest laptop in the world, but in terms of value for money, it is difficult to beat the TUF FX505DT. You can even opt for one that includes a GTX 1660 graphics card without exceeding $ 1,000; You will not find another ace on this list.

Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop, one of the best cheap gamers laptops

The 15-inch Predator Helios 300 is one of the most sold on Amazon for a very good reason: it is a powerful system with a surprisingly low price.

The standard Helios 300 includes a GTX 1660 Ti graphics card (unless you prefer the previous generation, the GTX 1060 model), in addition to 8GB of RAM, a 512GB solid state drive and a 1080p 120Hz display. This will not exceed $ 1,000 dollars and you will get an excellent performance for most of the games.

With 2.3 centimeters wide, it is not exactly thin, but the bevels trimmed around the screen have a modern look, just like the blue backlit keyboard.

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