The 10 best scary movies on Netflix, HBO or Prime Vdeo

The 10 best scary movies on Netflix, HBO or Prime Vdeo

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We are already in 2020 and at this point there is a lot of content available on the web to satisfy all your tastes. In the case of lovers of scary movies, we have selected 10 of the best horror and suspense movies. Some are more recent than others but all, without a doubt, are very good and unique.

In addition to selecting the 10 best movies, we highlight What streaming service are available? to make it easier for you to find them.

These are the 10 best scary movies to watch in 2020

From the most crude and grotesque to the most subtle and sinister suspense. These are the best horror and suspense movies to enjoy in your spare time. You can find them on Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video.

Christine (1983)

A classic based on the homonymous work of Stephen King. Arnie Cunningham is an unpopular teenager who buys a mysterious car to which he devotes all his time to repair it. Meanwhile, Arnie's only friend begins to notice changes in his personality, in addition to the strange facts that relate to Christine, the self-possessed. Despite being an old movie, it is very good, you can enjoy it on Netflix.

The witch

The Witch is a jewel among the thrillers and above all it is a cult film. From the soundtrack, the development of the plot, performances, atmosphere and a lot of bibliographic revision, no detail has escaped them. It's very well done and that's why you can't stop seeing it. However, to avoid disappointment you should know that this is not like the typical Hollywood horror movies. Instead, gradually create an atmosphere of psychological terror in which you do not know what is really happening until the end.

A family of 15th-century Puritans is expelled from their village and forced to live next to an ancient forest. Over time, being in the care of Thomasin, the eldest daughter, the younger brother disappears and the family begins to crumble between the feeling of guilt and recrimination. In addition to this, strange events suggest that there is something else that is affecting them, something evil.

The Witch touches very important topics, developing the family structures of the middle ages, the complexes and desires of each character but above all, the role of women in this repressive era. You can find it on Netflix.


Mirrors are objects with a certain air of mystery. Able to reflect what is shown about them, for many it is inevitable to imagine all kinds of fantasies around them. In Oculus, two brothers were orphaned since childhood and everyone believes he was the older brother. Nevertheless, the sister is determined to prove that the fault lies with a strange mirror that is hidden in the house. If you like to scare and live a little suspense then Oculus is for you, you can see it in Prime Video.

Cloverfield Street 10

After suffering a car accident, a woman awakens in the basement accompanied by two totally unknown subjects without knowing what has happened. Apparently, they have managed to save her from the apocalypse. Everything seems very mysterious and difficult to believe, so it is given to the task of understanding what is really happening.

This is a very interesting thriller that forces you to be aware at all times To understand what is happening. It is available in Prime Video.

The forest of suicides