Spotify can launch its first smart speaker!

In this last week Spotify has had a great movement, as the company recently made its exit to the United States stock exchange (NASDA Q-100).

The company has announced a mysterious event to the press, which will be held this month and although nothing is known at the moment, there are rumors about a possible smart speaker. These rumors are based on the recent events that were discovered around the company, since several months ago the company launched a job offer on the Internet in which it clearly mentioned that it was looking for new personnel for a hardware project; The project was never detailed, but with the growing popularity of smart speakers, Spotify is likely.Want to join this market.

In addition to this, a new voice assistant has also been discovered to control music reproduction within Spotify. This function is not available to everyone, as it is in the testing phase, although users who have been able to access the function describe that the assistant works smoothly and correctly.

Although it sounds like an excellent proposal, combining a hardware plus an intelligent assistant in the same product, the truth is that the opponents of this system will not be left behind, remember that in the device Google Home and Amazon Echo have the possibility to play music directly from the main streaming services of the market, meanwhile the Spotify system will only focus on its application in the same way that the HomePod with Apple Music.

The truth is that for now we can not know which device is better, until the moment this product is released for sale, then we can make a real comparison. For now, the only thing we can do is wait until April 24 of the current year, to know what the company has planned.

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