Instagram retrieve the chronological timeline partially

Instagram I changed the chronological order to one based on an algorithm that showed what, according to this, we were most interested in. Now the chronological order may return, But it is not exactly chronological.

The new Instagram feed mode will show us those videos and photos of our followers and users that we still have not seen. It will be something similar to "In case you missed it on Twitter".

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Moreover, according to the filtering, when opening the Instagram app they will indicate that there are publications that we have not yet seen, and through a dialog box they will give us the options of "See post now", or "Do not see now".

This novelty is in the bedroom of Instagram, but little else is known about it. It is believed to arrive in the next updates of the app. We have learned about the imminent chronological order, thanks to @wongmjane (Twitter user), a user who has accustomed us precisely to this, to warn of the news of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Image - Instagram will recover the chronological timeline partially

It is not the first time Instagram announces that we return to the chronological order and we will see at the beginning of our feed those publications of our followers that we have not yet seen, but that disappeared and we did not know about it again.

Now Instagram seems to come back and have everything decided and almost finished, or that wants us to believe. Just wait at Upcoming social network updates and see if the dialog box appears that we have commented at the beginning of the post, where the app will tell us if we want to see the photos and video that we have not yet seen, but also allows us to decline the offer.

Instagram is always alert to make improvements to its app, but it is seen that 100% is not decided to return to users what is precious as is the chronological order in the feed.

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