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How to uninstall, not remove, an application on the iPhone

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Surely you know how to remove an application from the iPhone, it is quite simple and there are several methods available, but the most common is that of hold the icon pressed for a few seconds, wait for the classic “x” to appear and then click on it.

Now with iOS 13 new ways to remove applications have appeared, but what few know is that apps and games can also be uninstalled. A process that may seem identical but is quite different.

Differences between removing and uninstalling an app on the iPhone or iPad

IOS users are not very accustomed to the term uninstall, however it is possible to do it on the iPhone and is different from deleting or deleting an application. These are the basic differences:

  • Delete an app in iOS: The app and all its related data will be deleted from the device, it is an action that cannot be undone.
  • Uninstall an app in iOS: This action will free up the storage space occupied by the app, but the documents and data it contains will be preserved. If you reinstall the app, the old data will be restored.

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As we see It may seem the same but there are important nuances, in this way you can uninstall an app or game and keep all the data and documents you have if you reinstall it.

How to uninstall an app on the iPhone or iPad.

This is a process that Apple itself uses, for example, when you are going to download an iOS software update and you have no space. The device uninstalls the heaviest apps, download the update, and after updating the iPhone reinstall these apps without losing data.

But this is something that we can also do, although the way to reach this option is somewhat hidden. It can be very useful when it comes to gaining space, so It never hurts to know this trick. To uninstall an app on iOS you must follow these steps:

  • On your device go to the Settings.
  • Now go into General> iPhone or iPad storage.
  • Below you see a long list of ordered apps from largest to smallest size.
  • Click where you want uninstall
  • You will see two options: Uninstall app and Remove app, you must click on the first one.

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Once you uninstall the app, your icon does not disappear from iPhone or iPad, see a small cloud with an arrow that tells you that you must download it again from the App Store to use it, if you click on the icon it will download automatically.