How to create welcome messages in Telegram groups

How to create welcome messages in Telegram groups

Very good Androids and especially to the people who are a Telegram user, and in this new practical video tutorial I will show you the way to create welcome messages in Telegram groups in a very simple way. (Welcome messages and fully automated farewell messages).

I have decided to create this practical tutorial video because of all the requests received via Telegram, comments from YouTube and other social networks in which many users have strongly asked me to do a tutorial to welcome new users who join a Telegram group.

How to create welcome messages on Telegram step by step (And farewell)

How to create welcome messages in Telegram groups (Practical video tutorial)

The process is as simple as add this bot: Welcome Bot as administrator of our group or groups . Simply copy this alias @ jh0ker_welcomebot and add it as one more user of your group.

Then you go to the group members option press and hold on Welcome Bot and add it as its administrator.

Once this is done, it will only be enough to give the administration permissions to delete messages and invite with a link. With these two permits, the bot will be ready to start doing its job.

Once you enter our group and with the Welcome Bot bot already set as your administrator, all you will have left is configure the welcome message and farewell message with the commands / welcome and / goodbye.

You have to keep in mind that you have to respect the syntax of the command as indicated by the first time the Welcome Bot bot.

How to create welcome messages in Telegram groups (Practical video tutorial)

With the command / welcome more the message we want and adding $ username We will welcome the new members personalized by calling them by their own name.

The same will happen with the command / goodbye more farewell message more $ username.

In the capture that I have left you a little above you can see the complete list of bot commands, a very very simple bot to use and a very good solution for those users who do not want major complications with the welcome or farewell of the new group members on Telegram.

It can't be simpler. If you have any questions, I advise you to take a look at the attached video that I have left at the beginning of this post, a video recorded in vertical format so that you can see it from your mobile phone in full screen and see what I do as I do as if You were doing your in your terminal.