apps predeterminadas en ios

How to change the default apps of your iPhone

The latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 13, is a software polished and quite simple to use, with a wide range of well-integrated applications that do a great job most of the time. But that does not imply that you prefer to use other Apps.

Try to name any Apple application that comes preinstalled on iOS and we will show you that there are alternatives created by an external developer for each of them, some of which, you may find more useful.

And is that Calendar is fine, but Fantastical (which recently changed to a subscription model) is better. Mail with Mail is fine, but you will surely get more with Gmail or Spark, where you can unify different mail servers.

Many of us prefer Google Maps to Apple Maps, although the latter has been updated in recent months. And Safari offers many advantages over its rivals, such as web page reading mode, but it may not be your option desktop.

One of the reasons why many users do not make the change is because Apple's own applications are set as default. This means that when you click on a web link, it will open in Safari;

Similarly, when you click on an email address, it will be displayed in Maps and not in Google Maps. It is difficult to change this behavior, but in this tutorial, we explore the best ways to use alternative applications on your iPhone.

Change the default applications by doing jailbreak

To be able to change the applications that are predetermined in iOS and that you can open web links, calendar invitations or street addresses in other different programs, you must unlock your iPhone or apply jailbreak

To do this, you must install specific applications to enable each customization. There are currently three Apps that are worth trying, and we will detail below:

  • BrowserChooser allows you to choose a default web browser other than Safari. You will find instructions on how to install this application in iPhoneHacks.
  • MapsOpener allows you to configure Google Maps as your default map application, instead of Maps.
  • Mail ClientDefault10 It's what you need to change Mail as the default email address; Gmail is an obvious option, but it is also compatible with Inbox, Outlook and Spark.

So, make a search in Cydia of the name of the chosen third-party application and it is very likely that you will find a solution for phones with jailbreak.

However, we must warn iPhone users with less experience that Apple does not officially approve the jailbreak on your device and can void the warranty for not using applications from official sources, or exposing your device to malware

Change default applications in Settings

Assuming you don't want to do jailbreak To your iPhone, you can choose to make a non-Apple application the default in some areas described above. We explain how to do it.

The example, the most obvious is the case of the web browser. Let's say you want Chrome to be default instead of Safari, which is not possible without jailbreak. But while iOS itself does not allow you to specify an alternate default browser, some applications will.

If you use Flipboard, click on the profile cone (the right cone on the bottom bar) and then press the Settings icon. Tap on Browser and then select an alternative. At least from this application, Chrome can open web links.

In Gmail, touch the three horizontal line cone located in the upper left corner, scroll down and touch Settings> Default applications. You can select the associated web browser, map application and calendar.