No actualices tu Xiaomi a la última versión d¿e MIUI 11: te contamos por qué

Do not update your Xiaomi to the latest version of MIUI 11: we tell you why

Do not update your Xiaomi to the latest version of MIUI 11: we tell you why

And the problem comes with the customization layers of the brands. Both Samsung and Xiami, Oppo or Huawei have their own Android-based operating system. And, of course, the update files are their own. And they may contain bugs or failures that disrupt our experience in the use of mobile. This is what happened with the expected update to MIUI 11 with Android 10 (MIUI in some terminals such as the Xiaomi Mi 9T. A thread has been created in the Reddit forum with affected users, as we see in the following screenshot.

Only make 9 to 10 hours of screen at the beginning of using this phone (Xiaomi Mi 9T) in June 2019. Now I barely reach between 6 and 7 hours. The Android Android System ’is to blame for this drain. I can see it by scanning the battery statistics. Does this mean that another application has been running in the background?

UPDATE: delete the cache of all my apps, disable auto start, turn off the camera shortcut and restart the phone. It has dropped to 87% in 24 minutes. And I have done nothing but watch YouTube. This is crazy.

I am not a fan of flashing the EU Rom or a custom ROM. You may consider formatting it if it does not improve. I don’t have the option to download the last update package again. I’m very disappointed

How to fix MIUI 11 and Android 10 battery problem in Xiaomi

If you have been affected by this problem, we propose some tweaks that you can apply on your mobile, without any danger, with which, perhaps, you can fix the problem. Some media claim that Xiaomi is already fixing this important problem and launch a new version soon, but there is no time estimate for it. If you still have the same problem when making these adjustments. Try to use the warranty of the terminal.

android battery

One of the signs that your battery is not going as it should, in addition to noticing that it is spent too quickly, is to look at usage statistics and see a percentage too high in the Android system. They have come to see 50% consumption Only for the Android system, when it should be a single figure. You can see the usage statistics in the terminal settings, then ‘Battery and performance’ and ‘battery usage statistics’. First of all it should always be the screen. If this is another application or function it is that something is not going how it should.

If you are suffering from this problem, bet these solutions Because they can fix your problem. Go for it.

Xiaomi service framework in MIUI 10 and MIUI 11

Sadly, battery drain is usually more common in the MIUI layer than we would like. And although here we deal with the problem of the new Android 10 update in MIUI 11, if you still have MIUI 10 and you also have battery problems, don’t miss this setting.

To see if you have activated the Xiaomi service framework We will perform the following steps. This tutorial is more typical of MIUI 10. In MIUI 11 the location of ‘Authorization and revocation’ has changed. In MIUI 11 the section of ‘Authorization and revocation’ you will find it in ‘Settings’, ‘Passwords and security’ and you will find the option at the end of the whole.

battery 01

First, you must enter the settings and en Battery and performance ’and‘ Battery use ’. If you have it active you will see the name of ‘Xiaomi Services Framework’. Once you’ve seen that you have it activated, we proceed to disable it. For this we go to the section ‘Manage applications’, ‘Xiaomi services framework’, ‘Permissions’

service framework