Burning Sky

Burning Sky is a Matamarcians to use a little casual

Burning Sky is a new shoot ’em up style the mythical 1943 and that reaches your Android mobile with all the action and dynamism that can be expected from the typical Matacians, although set in a slightly more current moment.

You will get tired of eliminating enemy ships in a shooter in which we are faced with a world that is in danger and that we have to save it anyway. A freemium game in which those coins are not lacking to improve our ship and obtain others when our portfolio increases in number. We will know what this new title for Android holds that promises a lot.

A Matamarcians to use high quality

Burning sky

Burning Sky stands out primarily for its quick games and for its large number of levels. In the first minutes of the game we have not found advertising, although yes that usual freemium touch today and that allows the player to enjoy free games. Here we will have to collect coins to improve our ship and incorporate better drones to unleash all the fury in combat.

The game mechanics is very typical and with one finger we will perfectly manage our ship through the screen. With a very typical scenario with those clouds, and we would like it to be more varied, waves of enemy planes of all possible types will begin to arrive. There are fast like the fighters, like those heavier and that generate more damage shots for the fuselage of our plane.

Burning Sky is a game that the difficulty curve is not bad and that at the beginning does not pose many problems. In fact, we are facing that game in which we have to play first in the easy mode until we finish all the levels and have to start over again to go to the middle mode and then the difficult one. We intuit that in those ways the thing will be complicated and we will have to be more cautious when facing these waves of enemy ships.

Get new combat skills in Burning Sky

Burning sky

Burning Sky does offer that of having to get new planes to generate more damage. We have on the one hand what are the planes and on the other the drones that accompany us on our deadly flight. We have the coins that we are collecting and those that we receive when completing a level to improve the drones or the same plane. It will be a matter of trying until we find if it is worth more those drones or have a balanced level in combat.

That is, everything depends almost on complete levels to qualify for more rewards and these allow us to improve our combat gadgets. Thus we will enter into combat with those waves of airplanes and those final bosses with very large airplanes and that we have to beat the towers first to finally leave the core of the final boss.

We also have special skills such as missile launching and that they will be able to eliminate every living bug that is on the screen. These missiles have a limit number and can be improved as well as acquiring new skills to satisfy staff.

A shoot ’em up that has the basics

Burning sky

What we do miss is a greater variety in environments, since the first levels are identical and we can hardly differentiate between ones and others; as is the case with different enemies, and that there are varied, but they are not distinguished. That is, we are almost playing all the time at the same level. It would not be bad if they worked a little to make them really unique levels.

Visually it is striking, but it is not really distinguished in anything. The graphics are flat colors and we are left with the good performance that is generated with many elements on the screen. He does not have that spectacular combat, but the games are dynamic and force us to move to avoid enemy damage.

An almost casual game called Burning Sky and that comes freemium to the Play Store. By taking little we have to hope that he will be receiving better reviews, since he has the basics to succeed and be one of those Matamacians that forces us almost to finish it. We leave you with a lateral one called Bombastic Brothers.

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