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Are iCloud photos deleted if you delete them from the iPhone?

iCloud, Apple's cloud storage service, is often somewhat confusing and you may have some doubts about its operation. In your case, it is probably not knowing if, by deleting photos on your iPhone, they also disappear from iCloud.

Don't worry because in this article you will find everything you need to know. We will explain why you should not worry when deleting photos of your smartphone, as well as recover deleted images by mistake or free up space while keeping them all.

Can photos be deleted from the iPhone without being deleted from iCloud?

If you use iCloud Photos, then the answer is no: photos from your cloud account will be deleted when you delete them from your iPhone. Before deleting any image, we recommend that you think if you want to delete it also from iCloud.

To see if you have the option enabled, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on your account at the top. Then, tap on iCloud, followed by Photos. If the switch is green, it means that it is activated.

When using iCloud Photos, a copy of all the images you have made with your iPhone will be automatically saved in the iCloud services. All your devices that use the same iCloud account will also be synchronized.

This means that you can access those photos from any of your Apple devices, be it your iPad, Mac or MacBook. But it also means that when you make changes to your iPhone (such as deleting a photo), these will also be made on the other devices.

Therefore, if you delete a photo from your iPhone and have the iCloud Photos option enabled to automatically save them in the cloud, it will also be deleted from iCloud. If this is not what you want, maybe you should consider deactivating iCloud.

Can photos that have been deleted by mistake be recovered?

If you have just deleted a photo on your iPhone and have noticed that it has also disappeared from your iCloud account, don't panic. You have 30 days to recover it from the Deleted folder in you smartphone.

To do this, you must open the Photos app on your iPhone and tap on the option to view albums at the bottom. Now, swipe down until you find the Deleted folder, where you can locate the photo you deleted by mistake.

Touch the Select option in the upper right corner, select the photo to recover and click on the Recover button in the lower right corner. You must confirm the changes and go! The photo is back on both your iPhone and iCloud.

How to free up space without deleting photos?

You may be considering deleting photos from your iPhone because you want free up space. The truth is that you don't have to delete images from your smartphone to gain memory or give up the automatic backup of iCloud.

We recommend you go to the Settings and select your account. Then, tap on iCloud, followed by Photos. There you see the option Optimize iPhone storage. Make sure it is selected (a blue tick should appear).

Having this option selected will make the photos and videos in iCloud saved in high resolution, while in your iPhone a less heavy version will be saved so that it does not take up much space and your storage does not suffer.