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Applications and games in which to spend the 2 euros free of PayPal

There's a lot Applications Y Android games of payment that are worth paying but with the promotion of Paypal to give away 2 euros we are going to give you some ideas to spend them.

Yesterday we echoed a promotion that is in Paypal with which we will have 2 euros free to buy applications in the Google Play Store.

We have decided to count on what we have spent the geeks that we write in Android Free the gift that Google has given us when using Paypal as a payment platform for its application store.

Ideas to spend the 2 euros of Paypal in Google Play Store

Editors Recommendations

Ivan Linares

How could it be otherwise Iván Linares recommends Android games, which knows a lot about that. Two solid and similar proposals, Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO, at 99 cents each.

Ivan P

Another double recommendation. A keyboard, called Chrooma Keyboard and that changes its aesthetics depending on the application you are using. The other tip is to purchase an icon pack, specifically Retrorika Icon Pack.

Ideas to spend the 2 euros of Paypal in Google Play Store

Pedro Moya

Pedro also makes a double recommendation, although in this case two applications that have integrated purchases.

One is the Solid Explorer file manager that has a maximum purchase of 1.99 euros.

The other is the Scan Bot application, an app to scan documents that have purchases within the application of greater and lesser cost than those 2 euros.


This editor has spent the money on a photo retouching application called Touch Retouch that allows us to remove objects from a photo extremely easily.

Ideas to spend the 2 euros of Paypal in Google Play Store


Paolo's proposal is twofold. On the one hand we have another Android game, a conversational adventure in which we will help Adela, a girl who has been lost. No graphics or surprising effects, just a story.

The other suggestion is Chameleon Color Adapting LWP, an adaptable wallpaper that will be guided by what your camera sees to change colors and patterns.

Álvarez del Vayo

Finally I am going to recommend an application that has a lot of time but is still the subject of questions. It is called 3D Image Live Wallpaper and serves to give parallax effect to any wallpaper, whether they are the application itself or any photo chosen by us.