Aeropex: review of headphones by sea driving

Aeropex: review of headphones by sea driving

aeropex aftershock

Aeropex: review of headphones by sea driving

"The Aeropex are a different proposal: they are designed for athletes who prefer to be aware of outside noise."

  • Clean and clear sound

  • Comfortable and discreet design

  • Easy handling

  • Sweat resistant

  • They vibrate with a high volume

  • Charge with the phone to exercise

While the headphones that roam the worldly noise are imposed, other models are designed to just the opposite: allow listening to the ambient sound to be aware of what is happening in our environment. The Aeropex, of the manufacturer AfterShokz, are framed in this category of headphones that go against the current trend (and taken to the extreme thanks to the technology of conduction sea). They are designed for sports, for example, running or cycling, with the assurance that you hear cars that can pass nearby and other sounds that should be perceived for safety.

Comfortable and sweat resistant

Aeropex are made of titanium and therefore weigh very little: 0.9 ounces (26 grams). They are designed to rest on the ears with a rigid part that surrounds the neck. They feel light and comfortable and because of their black silicone coating, extremely soft, they are very pleasant to the touch. Of that same material is the cover that they include to keep them. This has a considerable size, but it is not a problem if you keep it in a sports bag.

aeropex aftershock with bagMarta Villalba / Digital Trends

On the right side, in the rectangular area of ​​the earpiece behind the ear, are the buttons to adjust the volume and turn them on. The multifunction button is accessed from the left handset to control music playback and answer calls.

They have IP67 certification, so they resist sweat. What's more, they are submersible up to 3.3 feet (one meter) for half an hour.

Very good sound (with risk of tingling)

The conduction technology is generates small vibrations that are transmitted through the modules and go directly to the inner ear, without going through the eardrums, AfterShokz explains. This translates, according to our tests, into a clean and clean sound that is heard very clearly. It only has one drawback, as the manufacturer warns in the instructions: with a high volume, the headphones vibrate too much. And this produces an unpleasant tingling.

aeropex aftershockMarta Villalba / Digital Trends

To speak on the phone, the Aeropex are equipped with microphones with double noise cancellation. In the tests we have done with calls, the headphones are very capable and fulfill their function without problems.

In case you want to take them on a trip and prefer not to listen to someone talking or other noises, the box includes plugs that easily fit and grill a lot, do not hear someone talking normally. In addition, when you put on these plugs, curiously the music is heard louder.

They connect to two phones at the same time

If you are one of those who have two mobile phones on them, with these headphones you can answer calls from either of them thanks to the multi-point pairing function. Therefore, do not matter which of the two phones call you: after configuring this function, the Aeropex headphones will be connected interchangeably to both.

Leftover battery for a marathon

The headphones are charged with a cable through a magnetic connection. Sweat can interfere with the operation of this mechanism, as the manufacturer warns. If this happens, the user will know through an audible and visual alarm. The solution: just dry the area so they can recharge without problems. In case any one is lost, the box includes two cables with a magnetic charging port.

aeropex aftershockMarta Villalba / Digital Trends

The autonomous does not disappoint either: it gives for eight hours on a single charge. And if you run out of battery, they recharge in two hours.


The Aeropex model represents a qualitative leap in sound and lightness with respect to the previous model of this pioneer firm in sports headphones with sea driving technology. They are designed to listen to music and answer calls while you exercise and, at the same time, listen to outside noise. The playback of songs and other functions are well controlled, once you learn the dynamics. But by not carrying internal memory, you will have to carry the phone to play sports.

For its price of 169.99 euros ($ 159.95 dollars) you get comfortable headphones, with a very good sound quality, resistant to sweat and with which you can train outdoors being aware of your surroundings. Of course, you should be careful not to increase the volume too much so that the vibrations do not bother you. Although, outdoors, sometimes, you may have no choice but to set it high to listen perfectly.

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