A debate in the European Parliament may force Apple to use USB-C ports

A debate in the European Parliament may force Apple to use USB-C ports

It is well known that Manzana He has always wanted to stand out in both software and hardware. In fact, the connection entries have always been different from those of the competition, and that leads users to get special accessories.

But things may change very soon. The European Parliament is holding a debate on the use of a single type of port for electronic devices.

The objective of this proposal will be to increase compatibility and reduce electronic waste. If this regulation is carried out, Apple will be one of the most affected companies, as it will have to abandon the Lighting input and adopt the USB-C port, which is the most popular in the market.

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In fact, the debate is discussing the possibility of the same charger for all types of devices; from tablets, to digital readers, smartphones or other electronic devices.

It should be noted that Apple already uses this type of connection on some of its devices such as the iPad or Macbook Air.

The session was held on January 13 and, in it, all proposals were announced, but voting will happen in the future. There is no definite date for it.

However, what is being proposed in the European Parliament makes a lot of sense, since in this way there will be a significant reduction of electronic waste, which is approximately 51 thousand tons per year.

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What do you think of Apple integrating the USB C port in their mobile devices?