Motorola Razr

This is the new Motorola Razr folding inside

Motorola Razr

Is 2020 the year of folding phones? During 2019 we were presented with the first flexible terminals, the Samsung Galaxy Fold being one of the best known, however we believe that it will be this year when brands begin to bet on this style of technology.

One of the firms that has first thrown into the pool has been Motorola and is that taking advantage of our nostalgia and our love for the retro, has launched a review of the Razr mystical although this time be foldable. A device that looks great on paper and some lucky users are already beginning to have it in their hands. Of course some have not been able to endure and the first videos have begun to emerge by removing it.

This is the expected Motorola Razr inside

The truth is that Motorola is not doing so badly either. Recently he could celebrate that after 7 years in the market, he had reached 100 million Moto G sold. However, it is clear that the firm needed to launch a new device to confirm its good moment.

Is the new Razr what Motorola needs to be back among the biggest? Somewhat complicated because consumers are not yet ready for folding devices but I know that demonstrates a great ambition on the part of the company.

Launching a folding phone to the market is always an obvious risk, as confirmed with Samsung and its Fold, especially because this device is going to look with magnifying glass in order to find any fault.

However the video of its disassembly, which we can see in Phone Arena, proves that Motorola has taken the construction of this terminal very seriously. He does not want to repeat Samsung's initial mistakes so his phone is really well assembled and assembled, to the point that the video author states that repairing it by himself is practically impossible.

Obviously the Motorola Razr is not a perfect phone and we must see if in the end it turns out to be comfortable for everyday use. But without a doubt we are currently facing one of the best-achieved folding phones and that is great advertising for a firm like Motorola.