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The Play Store stop showing notifications when updating apps

Google Play Store

There are people who he likes notifications, and whenever the application or game gives them the option, they activate them. I am not particularly one of those, since they make me waste a great deal of time every time I check my mobile. Fortunately it seems that I am not the only weirdo.

Last December, after updating the Play Store to version 17.4, some users expressed their discomfort by seeing how they did not receive notifications of applications that had been updated. However, it seems that it was no mistake. As Google itself has confirmed to the Android Police medium, the notifications have definitely disappeared.

Google says the absence of notifications it is not an error of the application or of the system itself but it is one more characteristic. The current version of the Play Store is number 17.6.19, version that if you have it installed, will no longer inform you of application updates.

The Play Store automatically checks every day for updates pending download and downloads them if we have set up automatic updates. Once the application update process is finished, the Play Store sends, sent, a notification to inform us of the process.

They have been updated, well, it seems perfect but What is this information for? Not at all. This should be the reasoning they have reached on Google to completely eliminate them from the system.

Notification of downloading and installing an application manually, has also stopped showing. If we have given you to download and install the update, we are fully confident that the system will do so immediately, so sending a notification when it has finished has never made sense.

What do you think of Google’s decision to remove notifications from updates? Leave your opinion in the comments.