Samsung's browser improves privacy in its latest update

Samsung's browser improves privacy in its latest update

Are you a fan of samsung browser? After the release of the app to all Android, this browser has been adding followers to become one of the preferred by users. The reasons are obvious: it is very fast, you can install extensions, it offers ad blocker … And Samsung updates it frequently, also in beta.

Samsung's latest browser update comes in beta form for bring faster and privacy to the application You can already try it because it is available: just access the download from Google Play. And the improvements are noticeable, both internally and in new features for the user. Do you want to prevent web pages from tracking you?

New "Do not track" mode, accelerated downloads, based on Chromium M63 …

Samsung's browser improves privacy in its latest update

The beta update of Samsung Internet brings new developments internally, as we said: now it is based on the most recent Chromium M63; an engine that includes JavaScript modules to make the browser compatible with all websites. In addition, it is enhanced in speed and stability.

In view of the changes that the user can perceive, we now have an extra function in the privacy section (can be found in the settings) that block the crawling of pages to offer personalized advertising. The option is called «Do not track«; and notifies the websites of the intention not to be tracked in order to obtain greater privacy in browsing. Always in theory since the web must comply with the request, something that does not always happen.

Downloads have also been accelerated: it is now faster to download files with the Samsung browser for Android. In addition, it is also easier to synchronize bookmarks between devices: Samsung Internet allows such synchronization using the Samsung tool, Smart switch.

The new samsung beta browser, corresponding to the version, is now available on Google Play. You must not forget that it is still in evidence; As much as it works perfectly: we have been testing it and it works as expected.