Oscar 2020: Netflix loses, Joker wins and Apple is questioned

Oscar 2020: Netflix loses, Joker wins and Apple is questioned

A day of great surprises took place this Sunday, February 9 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, where the Oscar 2020 awards were presented.

And the streaming industry was one of the victims of the ceremony that saw the Korean Parasite as the great winner, all because Netflix only monopolize two prizes in total and The Irlands was the most affected film despite all the previous critics who gave it as a winner.

Laura Dern was named Best Actress in a supporting role for playing Nora, a striking divorce lawyer in Marriage Story, the only prize for the film starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson.

Meanwhile, in the documentary category, Netflix triumphed with American factory from the producer of Barak and Michelle Obama.

Joker and Joaqun Phoenix

In the category Best Leading Actor, Joaqun Phoenix took the statuette by Joker and thus achieved a milestone for comic-based films.

With an emotional speech, I was grateful to have the opportunity to be the voice of those who have no voice and remember their late brother River Phoenix.

Taika Waititi and her critique of Apple

One of the curious situations that occurred in the red carpet of the Oscar 2020 was the one that starred the director and actor of Jo Jo Rabbit, Taika Waititi, who in an outburst criticized Apple's keyboards.

“Apple needs to fix those keyboards. It is impossible to write about them, they have worsened. I want to go back to PCs.Due to PC keyboards, the recovery of your fingers is much better.Hands up who still uses a PC?You don't know what I'm talking about.It is a much better keyboard.Those Apple keyboards are horrendous. ”

And add even more to your critical acid.

“I have some shoulder problems. I have Occupational Overuse Syndrome, a term used in New Zealand. I don't know what you call it here, this kind of thing here,that they have to go down your forearm down the thumb? You know what I'm talking about, if they are ever writing. And what happens is that you open the laptop and you're(makes an awkward posture hunched over the computer) : we just have to fix those keyboards, ”he added.

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