Huawei unlocks Apple as the world's second largest manufacturer

Huawei unlocks Apple as the world's second largest manufacturer

With around 240 million units, Huawei became during 2019 the second manufacturer that sold more phones worldwide.

The Asian company exhibited a 17 percent year-on-year growth, as established by The Verge, based on the Strategy Analytics, Counterpoint Research and Canalys reports.

That way, the Chinese company surpassed Apple, which remained in third place overall, with just under 200 million.

Samsung retained the first place, with around 300 million devices sold. Xiaomi and Oppo completed the top five list.

Huawei's jump was rated as especially surprising, in the middle, given its presence on the blacklist in the United States, which deprives it of Google's applications and services on its new devices.

Just as the restrictions imposed from Washington limit its attractiveness outside of China, Huawei has been able to strengthen itself in its country of origin, where it places about 60 percent of its production.

2019, Canalys said, was the key season for Huawei to challenge Samsung's leadership, but its inconveniences with the administration of President Donald Trump prevented it.

Huawei has been on Apple's heels for a while now. In 2017, I initially super-sold it by selling more smart phones in June and July, and the following year IDC reported that it had delivered more mobile phones in the second quarter, The Verge record.

On the other hand, Apple had an excellent last quarter, when I surpassed Samsung thanks to the price reduction of the iPhone 11. The analyzes gave the Cupertino company a rise of between 7 and 11 percent in the October-November period.

For the first time in history, the industry registered in 2019 a second consecutive season down. With Galaxy S20 and iPhone SE, respectively, Samsung and Apple hope to retake the blue numbers, despite the commercial war and threats to the supply chain posed by the coronavirus.

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