Huawei prepara evento para el 15 de abril: ¿P8 en camino?

Huawei prepares event for April 15: P8 on the way?

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If there are two absences that were noticed during the Mobile World Congress, they were undoubtedly the new flagship of Sony and Huawei. Both el Sony Xperia Z4 as the Huawei Ascend P8 have been relegated months later of the world event in Barcelona to achieve greater prominence.

Nevertheless, Huawei has already given date for an upcoming event: April 15. We do not know if the Chinese manufacturer present the Huawei Ascend P8, but everything indicates that s. The presentation will take place in London, and Huawei warms up engines and rumors under the slogan Its coming.

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<p class=Without doubt, Huawei's next flagship has the ballots to be a great terminal. We know little about him, but what we know is positive. The terminal has a p5.2 inch screen with FullHD resolution, aluminum body and a Huawei own processor, specifically the Kirin 930 eight-core It is also rumored that four, according to what source and 64-bit architecture accompanied by 3 GB of RAM. And, how could it be otherwise, Come with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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<p class=The filtered AnTuTu benchmarks give this terminal nothing more and nothing less than 47,426 points, well above the current flagships. As for the photographic section, have an 8 megapixel front camera and a 13 megapixel rear camera, from which a photo has been filtered.

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<p class=We will have to wait for the official data of this Ascend P8 and if, finally, Huawei presents it next month in London.

Get Huawei to get attention with the successor of the Huawei Ascend P7?