How to share Apple Music on Mac, iOS and other devices

How to share Apple Music on Mac, iOS and other devices

Over time, it is not uncommon for you to accumulate an extensive music library on your Mac. And if you want other members of your family to enjoy it, you are alleged to know that it is a fairly simple process on Apple devices. If you decided to share Apple Music and your tracks, you can do it through the function Share at home Apple or giving access to your playlists. Do you want to know how to do it? We will tell you below.

Speaking of the Apple Music application, in MacOS Catalina the company divided iTunes into three different applications: Music, TV and Podcasts. If you're looking to share an iTunes library, you'll notice that it's no longer possible on your Mac. However, iTunes is still alive for Windows. If you want to know how to share a music library on iTunes, we also have a guide for you on that topic.

The Apple Music Cone on an iPhone

Configure Share at Home

Apple devices have a function called Share at home which is designed for – as the name implies – share, stream and import several multimedia files from up to five devices whether Mac, PC, iOS or Apple TV devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Make sure that any device you want to share with has signed in with the same Apple ID and has been authorized to play items purchased in that Apple ID.

Step 2: on your Mac, open System preferences, by clicking on the Apple icon and then click System preferences.

Step 3: click on Share and then in Multimedia sharing in the left sidebar.

Screenshot of how to configure the Share at home function

Step 4: check the checkbox next to Share at home, then enter the username and password of your Apple ID and click Enable Share at home. Now you see a dialog box that tells you that it has been activated Share at home.

Use Share at home on a Mac

Now that has been enabled Share at home, want to start sharing your Apple Music content.

Step 1: make sure that the device with which you want to share an Apple Music library is turned on, that it is not in sleep mode and that Apple Music is running.

Step 2: Open the music application and log in with your Apple ID (if you haven't already done so).

Step 3: click on the down arrow next to library in the left sidebar.

Screenshot of how to share your Apple Music Library

Step 4: See a list of libraries that have been shared with you. Click on the one you want to access and the version loaded on Apple Music. Any playlist that has been created in the shared library will also be displayed in the left sidebar.

Use Share at home on iOS

You can also access Share at home from your iOS or iPadOS device. Then we explain how.

capture how to share your Apple music libraryStep 1: Open the Settings app in iOS and scroll down to Music. Select it

Step 2: At the bottom of the window, under Share at home, touch Sign in if you have not yet logged in with your Apple ID. If you are logged in, check the email address of your Apple ID on your screen.