Google Maps is hacked to generate virtual traffic jams

Google Maps is a very useful tool, since it has changed the way we reach the sites, offering the optimal routes for each destination. Now, a techie fan decided hack Google Maps to generate virtual traffic jams.

Google Maps can make us take another road if you consider that there is traffic jam on the route we are going. The alternative route, although longer, will continue to be a more effective option than joining the traffic jam line.

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Google Maps, unlike Waze, which is also a browser owned by Google, does not obtain its own information from other official sources such as the General Directorate of Traffic or DGT in the case of Spain. Directly getting traffic information according to the speed that users go They are using Google Maps.

Given the above, Simon Weckert, an artist based in Berlin, decided to take 99 phones with Google Maps open and enter them in a cart.

Simon was walking on a bridge in Berlin and other streets in the city center. In turn, the rest of the users see that Google Maps colors were changing from white to red, color that shows a jam inside the application.

Simon was on the middle of the road so that Google Maps did not know how to interpret which of the two lanes was the one that was being affected by traffic, so that both were marked both ways. Curiously, this fact happened. very close to the Google offices in Berlin, So the location was key.

We still don't know exactly what Weckert wanted to show with that action, although it probably shows as a kind of demonstration of what simple that turns out to alter Google Maps, a tool that affects millions of users worldwide.

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What do you think of this feat? Do you know where Google Maps gets the information?